How To Spell equivalent?

Correct spelling: equivalent

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What are the usage examples for equivalent?

  1. He might fear Nels as he feared death itself, the two being equivalent in his mind, but he might not destroy Nels with his own hand, nor let it be known that he had caused the great dog's death. – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  2. A ship would vanish from your time and simultaneously a mass- and- energy equivalent would take its place. – Long Ago, Far Away by William Fitzgerald Jenkins AKA Murray Leinster

What are the rhymes for equivalent?

  1. ambivalent;

What are the translations for equivalent?

Afrikaans word for Equivalent


Chinese words for Equivalent

等同, 同等, 相当, 相等, 同样, 等价, 当量, 同等物.

Dutch words for Equivalent

gelijk, gelijkwaardig, overeenkomstig, tegenhanger, soortgelijk, vergelijkbaar, gelijkwaardig, corresponderend.

French words for Equivalent

comparable, analogue, équivalent, correspondant, similaire, équivalente, équivalence, homologue.

German words for Equivalent

entsprechend, Pendant, Entsprechung, gleichwertig, vergleichbar, äquivalent, gleich viel, Gegenwert.

Greek word for Equivalent


Japanese word for Equivalent


Javanese word for Equivalent


Korean word for Equivalent

동등한 것.

Malay word for Equivalent


Norwegian word for Equivalent


Polish words for Equivalent

równowartość, równoważny, ekwiwalent, odpowiednik, ekwiwalentny.

Romanian word for Equivalent


Russian words for Equivalent

эквивалент, эквивалентный.

Swedish word for Equivalent


Tamil word for Equivalent


Turkish word for Equivalent


Ukrainian word for Equivalent


Vietnamese word for Equivalent

lượng tương đương.