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What are the usage examples for err?

  1. We think that there must be something behind all this outcry, for it is incredible that so many should err among whom we have said there are a lot of serious and disinterested persons. – The Indolence of the Filipino by Jose Rizal
  2. Before leaving this subject I may observe, that parents greatly err by not telling their children a good many things which they ought to know. – The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford by Mark Rutherford
  3. I have written it, that my memory might not err and that my country may be unquestionably satisfied of the accuracy of every syllable I utter." – The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
  4. This is only Berlin's modest way of saying that not one in ten successful song- writers know anything about the art of music, and that very few are well enough educated to err on the side of involved language and write other than simple lyrics. – Writing for Vaudeville by Brett Page
  5. Expressions like to errerror, to forgiveforgiveness, in lines like To err is human, to forgive divine, are very remarkable. – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  6. Say, " but that he may err – Slips of Speech by John H. Bechtel
  7. But the next morning, Lady Landale, though too weak of body to lift a finger, too weak of mind to connect a single coherent phrase, nevertheless took the matter into her own hands, and proved that it is as easy to err upon the side of prudence as upon its reverse. – The Light of Scarthey by Egerton Castle
  8. If there were but one individual who could avenge bloodshed, and were his mind in a proper state, he would seem to have a call addressed to him to do so; failing to attend to it he would err – The Ordinance of Covenanting by John Cunningham
  9. " To err is human; to get paid for it is divine," murmured Jim. – Men, Women and Guns by H. C. (Herman Cyril) McNeile
  10. Lest he should err in this way again, the mob went to his church, at that time the principal one in Madrid, smashed the windows, and did all the damage they could compass before the Civil Guards came to the rescue. – Spanish Life in Town and Country by L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street

What are the translations for err?

Afrikaans word for Err


Arabic word for Err


Bengali word for Err

ভ্রম করা.

Chinese words for Err

差, 打错, 忒, 弄错, 蹉.

Dutch words for Err

afwijken, dwalen, fouten maken.

French word for Err


German words for Err

Fehlen, fehlgehen, sich irren, sich täuschen, auf Abwege geraten.

Greek word for Err


Hindi word for Err


Italian word for Err


Korean word for Err


Malay word for Err


Marathi word for Err

चूक करणे.

Polish word for Err


Portuguese word for Err


Russian word for Err


Spanish word for Err


Tamil word for Err


Turkish word for Err


Ukrainian word for Err