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How To Spell esprit?

Correct spelling: esprit

Definition of esprit:

  1. Spirit; soul.

List of misspellings for esprit:

  • espartero,
  • desprit,
  • separait,
  • spoirit,
  • seperit,
  • passprot,
  • acceprt,
  • espert,
  • desspret,
  • exprts,
  • uspset,
  • espiritual,
  • despreat,
  • despriate,
  • despret,
  • seperet,
  • aspart,
  • deasprate,
  • seprat,
  • expride,
  • unpurity,
  • despirit,
  • desprait,
  • seprit,
  • desperite,
  • respraid,
  • persprity,
  • seaprot,
  • espoide,
  • spiriot,
  • desparat,
  • experet,
  • holyspirit,
  • desprate,
  • expiriete,
  • seprite,
  • sprirt,
  • desprete,
  • asurity,
  • sepret,
  • desperet,
  • reciprt,
  • iscariot,
  • aspcet,
  • aspriate,
  • hisproty,
  • asperate,
  • espired,
  • espact,
  • oppurity,
  • spriti,
  • ecepet,
  • passprt,
  • exprct,
  • spirirt,
  • opporuity,
  • resprout,
  • appriete,
  • asprin,
  • aseparate,
  • seperat,
  • espsido,
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  • escept,
  • desprat,
  • desperit,
  • espirt,
  • espire,
  • siprit,
  • aspiried,
  • exprot,
  • appreiait,
  • espirit,
  • espite,
  • effprt,
  • userid,
  • sperit,
  • apaprt,
  • eceipt,
  • desperat,
  • espada,
  • inporit,
  • aprity,
  • seapret,
  • eprud,
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  • soprt,
  • epriod,
  • spriit,
  • ecypt,
  • l'esprit,
  • expret,
  • expried,
  • emprty,
  • desprite,
  • myspirit,
  • apporprite,
  • sepreat,
  • desparity,
  • imprit.

What does the abbreviation esprit mean?

Related words for esprit

Canton of Pont-Saint-Esprit


The canton of Pont-Saint-Esprit is an administrative division of the Gard department, southern France. Its borders were modified at the French canton reorganisation which came into effect in March 2015. Its seat is in Pont-Saint-Esprit. It consists of the following communes: Aiguèze Carsan Cornillon Le Garn Goudargues Issirac Laval-Saint-Roman Montclus Pont-Saint-Esprit La Roque-sur-Cèze Saint-Alexandre Saint-André-de-Roquepertuis Saint-André-d'Olérargues Saint-Christol-de-Rodières Saint-Gervais Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas Saint-Laurent-de-Carnols Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret Saint-Michel-d'Euzet Saint-Nazaire Saint-Paulet-de-Caisson Salazac Vénéjan Verfeuil

Canton of Saint-Esprit


The Canton of Saint-Esprit is a former canton in the Arrondissement of Le Marin on Martinique.

Esprit-Marie-Joseph Florens



Esprit-Marie-Joseph Florens was the Vicar Apostolic of Siam.

French ship Saint-Esprit


Ship of the line

The Saint-Esprit was an 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, lead ship of her class. She was funded by a don des vaisseaux donation from the Order of the Holy Spirit, and named in its honour.

St. Esprit, Nova Scotia


St. Esprit is a small community located in Richmond County on the south shore of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It is situated between Louisbourg, to the east, and St. Peter's, to the west. The community is loosely centered on St. Esprit Lake and is sparsely populated.

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Rhymes for esprit:

  1. potpourri, jubilee, nghi, marquis, yee, curie, oad, brie, nee, cd, lxi, bibi, goatee, d, atp, quai, banshee, inductee, magee, sightsee, we, bea, louie, foresee, je, marie, nestle, li, capri, ip, referee, cc, xie, c, debris, emcee, hee, enrollee, c3, re, pri, tv, wee, nie, licensee, ab, khe, dupree, odp, glee, fee, bourgeoisie, tse, ranee, tee, mme, vendee, zea, cxc, shri, chablis, ski, ravi, gee, bee, tenn, waikiki, bree, thi, appointee, rosalee, si, quay, disagree, bbc, mt, rb, plea, tennessee, henri, xi, lee, sep, nabil, pree, syp, designee, cyb, ofc, ree, tea, devotee, m3, shi, spie, chee, mcgee, he, g, crea, kyi, lp, zee, nominee, yie, apc, mc, oversea, mee, flee, ib, jessee, undersea, spree, whoopee, cat-3, three, ne, internee, bt, yi, dsv, trainee, loree, escapee, jaycee, ji, detainee, slee, sie, se, blea, andree, repartee, qui, musee, gutsy, ghee, guaranty, ot, see, she, pattee, p, rosemarie, sheree, id, v, lea, de, yangtze, mpg, sri, klee, decree, ve, dea, kea, cie, tyree, jie, brea, vee, sze, trustee, gyi, parolee, lessee, kee, me, yippee, fop, te, dundee, ee, z, prix, fsi, cree, indri, dee, t, draftee, free, sci, nic, ze, retiree, ged, markee, lavie, guarani, guarantee, sea, conferee, chea, b, bui, deportee, ti, knee, mcghee, tree, leigh, ddt, marquee, vi, mi, key, ki, njt, enlistee, degree, pea, thee, pawnee, smee, be, cod, cac, jee, honoree, resignee, thierry, rupee, mit, valoree, the, rea, franchisee, flea, eap, fi, lsd, ye, mea, snee, qi;
  2. albee, achee, ac, agree, adee, abee, alee;
  3. adoptee, amc, absentee, addressee, abt, adoree, amputee;
  4. hnat, geac, knbc, interviewee, irit, lapd;
  5. awb;

Translations for esprit:

Arabic word for Esprit

روح العمل الجماعي.

Bengali word for Esprit


German word for Esprit


Hindi word for Esprit


Italian word for Esprit


Japanese word for Esprit


Korean word for Esprit


Polish word for Esprit


Tamil word for Esprit


Vietnamese word for Esprit

tinh thần đồng.