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How To Spell estimate?

Correct spelling: estimate

Definition of estimate:

  1. a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation)

List of misspellings for estimate:

  • estimit,
  • estamates,
  • estimites,
  • estamited,
  • estimatd,
  • estamate,
  • ulitamte,
  • esitate,
  • estamted,
  • estamete,
  • estaimte,
  • acetametaphen,
  • estabmates,
  • estemating,
  • estiamted,
  • esttimate,
  • estaimate,
  • estmates,
  • esitmated,
  • estimsted,
  • estimeate,
  • esitamated,
  • esimated,
  • estemates,
  • eastimated,
  • estete,
  • eastimates,
  • estimagted,
  • estima,
  • estemet,
  • asstimat,
  • estoment,
  • systemate,
  • estimiating,
  • etamate,
  • estimaited,
  • altimate,
  • esetate,
  • estemed,
  • estimat,
  • estimatess,
  • estamite,
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  • etimate,
  • estiamed,
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  • estimatre,
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  • estmating,
  • stimuate,
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  • ultitmate,
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  • extemity,
  • estimiote,
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  • optimate,
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  • ulitimate,
  • istime,
  • esitimates.

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Rhymes for estimate:

  1. guesstimate;
  2. overestimate, underestimate;

Translations for estimate:

Afrikaans word for Estimate


Arabic word for Estimate


Chinese words for Estimate

估算, 预算.

French words for Estimate

estimation, mesurer, estimer, devis, calculer, créer, chiffrer, donner un ordre de grandeur de.

German words for Estimate

Ansatz, Anschlag, beurteilen, bewerten, ansetzen, erwarten, taxieren, Taxe, Annahme, Schätzwert, veranschlagen, beziffern, Kostenvoranschlag, Voranschlag, Veranschlagung, Kalkulation, Überschlag, rechnen, glauben, kalkulieren, gewichten, überschlagen, pauschalieren, Approximation.

Italian words for Estimate

stima, calcolo, previsione, preventivazione.

Japanese words for Estimate

見積り, 見積もり, 見積もる, 見込, 目算, 予算, 見積る, あたりをつける, 積もる, よそうだか, つもる, みつもり, 当たりを付ける, みつもる, 積る, もくさん, すいけい, 予想高.

Javanese word for Estimate


Korean word for Estimate


Malay word for Estimate


Norwegian word for Estimate


Polish words for Estimate

szacunek, szacunkowy, szacowanie, oszacowanie.

Portuguese words for Estimate

avaliar, estimativa, idéia.

Romanian word for Estimate


Spanish words for Estimate

evaluar, juzgar, calcular, presupuesto, presupuestar, prever, valorar, apreciar, estimar, cálculo, aproximación, cálculo aproximado.

Swedish word for Estimate


Turkish word for Estimate


Vietnamese word for Estimate

sự ước tính.