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How To Spell estimation?

Correct spelling: estimation

Definition of estimation:

  1. a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation)

List of misspellings for estimation:

  • autimation,
  • custimization,
  • estimarion,
  • initmation,
  • acitvation,
  • otomation,
  • istuation,
  • sstimation,
  • estikation,
  • custumization,
  • estimaitions,
  • aestetician,
  • dstimation,
  • estimwtion,
  • 4stimation,
  • easterbation,
  • estemation,
  • estimiating,
  • destimation,
  • custimisation,
  • anitmation,
  • estitican,
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  • rstimation,
  • estmation,
  • vistitation,
  • extimation,
  • edtimation,
  • 3stimation,
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  • restormation,
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  • stopmotion,
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  • ultimation,
  • assirmation,
  • esitimation,
  • estijation,
  • guestimation.

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Quotes for estimation:

  1. Life, in my estimation, is a biological misadventure that we terminate on the shoulders of six strange men whose only objective is to make a hole in one with you.
  2. It is a very delicate job to forgive a man, without lowering him in his own estimation, and yours too.
  3. In responding to a terrorist attack, there are only two choices- take the fight to the enemy or wait until they hit you again. In my estimation, America chose the first.
  4. It is work and personal worth which make a State great both politically and industrially, and in my estimation they are to be found in largest proportions in the Democratic party.
  5. The guy that just arranges things so that the stock market holds up is nobody in my- in my estimation.

Rhymes for estimation:

  1. certification, desiccation, emigration, consolation, deregulation, reexamination, infiltration, perforation, insubordination, recalculation, liquidation, constipation, sarmatian, reallocation, pagination, criminalization, securitization, deification, pasteurization, elaboration, coordination, reinterpretation, discontinuation, vaccination, perpetuation, dissertation, organization, perspiration, computerization, gentrification, telecommunication, desecration, annexation, alteration, correlation, congregation, retaliation, inoculation, disinflation, maximization, misrepresentation, reaffirmation, invocation, bifurcation, corporation, collectivization, inhabitation, evaluation, amortization, hospitalization, sedimentation, facilitation, corroboration, incantation, relocation, culmination, elongation, limitation, ligation, trepidation, overpopulation, cooperation, formation, anticipation, exoneration, naturalization, invalidation, devaluation, appreciation, creation, suffocation, confederation, desegregation, filtration, adaptation, situation, coloration, denunciation, dalmatian, fortification, privation, assassination, summation, appropriation, combination, condemnation, deprivation, conversation, extrapolation, excitation, dictation, reclamation, automation, maturation, desalinization, justification, implication, precipitation, affiliation, desalination, expropriation, regimentation, vindication, disintegration, infatuation, derivation, provocation, insulation, dissipation, intimidation, repudiation, popularization, documentation, calculation, prognostication, renomination, inactivation, destabilization, proliferation, liberalization, discrimination, gestation, triangulation, renunciation, desolation, adulation, validation, socialization, humiliation, destination, deformation, saturation, purification, adoration, evaporation, preoccupation, figuration, indemnification, intimation, urbanization, decontamination, incorporation, self-congratulation, modulation, occupation, fragmentation, distillation, pronunciation, application, association, litigation, levitation, indentation, emulation, fermentation, revitalization, privatization, recrimination, foundation, recreation, disputation, glorification, reformation, cohabitation, conjugation, remuneration, alienation, libration, detoxification, capitulation, augmentation, interpretation, ordination, elimination, subluxation, dispensation, representation, generalization, affectation, ministration, delineation, reverberation, configuration, incarnation, deportation, integration, incrustation, undervaluation, agitation, rehydration, experimentation, demoralization, simulation, subordination, inspiration, celebration, communization, saponification, domination, implantation, transillumination, appellation, proration, computation, depredation, communication, miscalculation, crustacean, sedation, qualification, tabulation, miniaturization, prefabrication, rectification, codification, congratulation, irradiation, classification, recitation, complication, repatriation, replication, degeneration, inclination, retardation, molestation, proclamation, lactation, miscreation, predestination, dissociation, cremation, vilification, modernization, confabulation, reinvigoration, identification, pigmentation, salvation, immunization, industrialization, starvation, renovation, personalization, compensation, masturbation, profanation, formulation, fixation, exhumation, degradation, rejuvenation, ramification, emancipation, consecration, determination, agglomeration, cancellation, instigation, legalization, inauguration, compilation, deflation, consultation, revocation, demonization, avocation, fibrillation, jubilation, registration, segregation, misappropriation, exploration, ossification, investigation, imputation, reservation, multiplication, edification, inundation, damnation, mutation, migration, deceleration, calibration, mobilization, articulation, refrigeration, ornamentation, conservation, graduation, operation, regeneration, evocation, civilization, donation, habitation, animation, pollination, polarization, conglomeration, intonation, excavation, reincarnation, denationalization, illumination, desperation, centralization, installation, approbation, consummation, gradation, cogitation, evacuation, relaxation, categorization, stagnation, alleviation, remediation, incoordination, inflation, allegation, incapacitation, interrogation, location, exhortation, oscillation, mutilation, extermination, importation, politicization, unionization, liberation, participation, hydrogenation, clarification, orchestration, annotation, indignation, insemination, fabrication, consideration, machination, designation, specialization, adjudication, commendation, titillation, quantification, pacification, navigation, exploitation, obfuscation, exhalation, unification, probation, annihilation, neutralization, cultivation, revelation, oxidation, concatenation, reaffiliation, corp, deviation, granulation, privatisation, harmonization, argumentation, gratification, expectation, rededication, reorganization, hibernation, temptation, horatian, conciliation, excommunication, notification, stipulation, disinformation, notation, elevation, mediation, elation, conflagration, fluoridation, education, plantation, indication, depravation, prostration, sophistication, normalization, recantation, toleration, nonproliferation, redecoration, observation, dilatation, aviation, simplification, fertilization, characterization, decoration, aggravation, consolidation, equalization, visualization, authentication, mummification, depopulation, premeditation, magnification, incrimination, declaration, examination, accumulation, admiration, dislocation, nucleation, organisation, perturbation, sterilization, protestation, optation, rehabilitation, publication, stimulation, imitation, punctuation, dedication, emanation, reunification, reauthorization, nomination, altercation, solicitation, nondiscrimination, gastrulation, contamination, ostentation, sanitation, constellation, demodulation, separation, substantiation, colonization, motivation, renegotiation, reconciliation, translation, revaluation, vocation, disqualification, confrontation, reclassification, denomination, collaboration, embarkation, segmentation, affirmation, imagination, disorientation, indoctrination, falsification, restoration, innovation, recertification, vibration, ionization, pontification, ovulation, visitation, vaporization, reputation, decentralization, dehumanization, relation, vulgarization, dilation, ovation, consternation, procrastination, refutation, exhilaration, arbitration, subsidization, aspiration, reevaluation, incarceration, invitation, dramatization, contemplation, sequestration, russification, strangulation, localization, frustration, amalgamation, termination, connotation, magnetization, condensation, reconfirmation, misapplication, explanation, allocation, procreation, exclamation, sensation, misinformation, transplantation, advocation, indexation, stagflation, coagulation, specification, globalization, equitation, disembarkation, irrigation, overvaluation, hallucination, exaggeration, discoloration, authorization, dehydration, hyperinflation, approximation, syndication, confirmation, federation, differentiation, ratification, palpitation, echolocation, impersonation, commercialization, ventilation, fascination, victimization, nitration, monopolization, malformation, laceration, medication, vegetation, permutation, fluctuation, demonstration, verification, infestation, reflation, rotation, germination, suburbanization, equivocation, improvisation, expatriation, reconsideration, respiration, generation, resuscitation, reforestation, continuation, nationalization, flotation, backwardation, information, confiscation, usurpation, tribulation, enumeration, obligation, gravitation, narration, resignation, negotiation, balkanization, sanctification, population, misidentification, mechanization, reparation, decapitation, ejaculation, legislation, demobilization, affrication, exacerbation, realization, transportation, menstruation, amplification, hydration, gasification, stabilization, instrumentation, miseration, impregnation, delegation, stalinization, reiteration, divination, intensification, appalachian, mitigation, defamation, convocation, optimization, deliberation, flirtation, demarcation, miscommunication, recuperation, radiation, incubation, dissemination, manifestation, orientation, amputation, misinterpretation, transformation, personification, christianization, initiation, speculation, disorganization, negation, depreciation, gyration, expiration, standardization, regulation, intoxication, illustration, moderation, propagation, preparation, violation, concentration, electrification, commemoration, pressurization, westernization, implementation, duration, valuation, rationalization, exasperation, mineralization, detonation, explication, recommendation, presentation, inflammation, coronation, modification, irritation, deforestation, variation, eradication, meditation, origination, escalation, fumigation, taxation, duplication, domestication, inhalation, exfoliation, isolation, vacillation, quotation, immigration, hybridization, decertification, vacation, nullification, rumination, oration, hesitation, devastation, assimilation, manipulation, democratization, disinclination, insinuation, diversification, reconfiguration, preservation, glaciation, utilization, foliation, marginalization, amelioration, lubrication, croatian;
  2. nation, ration, station, haitian;
  3. castration, cetacean, citation, cessation, carnation, alsatian, causation;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, accusation, acclimation, abdication;
  5. abbreviation, acceleration, accommodation, accreditation, abomination;
  6. alphabetization, capitalization, cannibalization, acidification;
  7. decriminalization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination, americanization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for estimation:

Afrikaans word for Estimation


Arabic word for Estimation


Bengali word for Estimation


Dutch words for Estimation

inschatting, indicatie, schatting, raming.

French word for Estimation


German words for Estimation

Bewertung, ermessen, ansehen, Beurteilung, Veranschlagung, Kalkulation, Ermittlung, Prognose, Ansicht, Meinung, Achtung, Glaube, Hochachtung.

Italian word for Estimation


Japanese words for Estimation

推定, 推計, 推算, 相場, ねぶみ, ねづもり, すいてい, 値踏み, 値積もり, さんてい, すいさん, そうば, よそく.

Javanese word for Estimation


Korean word for Estimation

> 평가.

Malay word for Estimation


Norwegian word for Estimation


Polish words for Estimation

szacunek, szacowanie, oszacowanie.

Romanian word for Estimation


Spanish words for Estimation

aprecio, estima.

Swedish word for Estimation


Turkish word for Estimation