How To Spell euphuism?

Correct spelling: euphuism

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What are the usage examples for euphuism?

  1. Michael Drayton, in some verse complimentary to Sidney, stigmatises not much too strongly Lyly's prevailing faults, and attributes to the hero of Zutphen the purification of England from euphuism – A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature by George Saintsbury
  2. Then Greene returned to euphuism in Menaphon, and in Euphues, his Censure to Philautus; nor are Perimedes the Blacksmith and Tully's Love much out of the same line. – A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature by George Saintsbury
  3. " Sent away" is a euphuism for " sent to prison." – The Turmoil A Novel by Booth Tarkington
  4. Her style, instead of being clear and simple, as would have best suited her subject, is disfigured by the euphuism which was the fashion among writers of the last century. – Mary Wollstonecraft by Elizabeth Robins Pennell
  5. With these general remarks we must leave the subject of euphuism – John Lyly by John Dover Wilson

What are the translations for euphuism?

Arabic word for Euphuism


Bengali word for Euphuism

বাগাড়ম্বরপূর্ণ রচনাশৈলী.

Chinese word for Euphuism


French word for Euphuism


German word for Euphuism


Hindi word for Euphuism


Italian word for Euphuism


Japanese word for Euphuism


Marathi word for Euphuism


Romanian word for Euphuism


Spanish word for Euphuism


Turkish word for Euphuism

dolambaçlı söz.

Vietnamese word for Euphuism

cách ăn nói đài các.