How To Spell Everyone?

Correct spelling: Everyone

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What are the translations for Everyone?

Afrikaans word for Everyone


Arabic word for Everyone

كُلُّ شَخْص.

Chinese words for Everyone

人人, 每个, 大家, 所有人, 各人, 众人, 大伙.

Dutch words for Everyone

allemaal, iedereen, ieder, elk, eenieder, elkeen.

French words for Everyone

chacun, tout le monde.

German words for Everyone

jeder, ein jeder, jedermann.

Greek word for Everyone

οι πάντες.

Hindi word for Everyone

हर कोई.

Italian word for Everyone


Japanese words for Everyone

みんな, 皆様, 皆, 皆皆, 皆さん, みなさん, みなさま, 誰にでも, だれも, だれもかも, 各位, 誰もかも, だれでも, だれにでも, 誰も彼も, みんなさん, ぜんいん, 誰人, だれもかれも, ひとりのこらず, 満座, 何人も, だれしも, 皆々, なんびとも, みなみなさま, 誰だって, だれだって, もろびと, なんびと, 皆皆様, なんぴと, なんぴとも, 諸人, 何人, 何びと, まんざ.

Javanese word for Everyone


Korean word for Everyone

모든 사람.

Norwegian word for Everyone


Polish word for Everyone


Portuguese word for Everyone

todo o mundo.

Spanish words for Everyone

todos, todo el mundo, todas, allá, Allen.

Turkish word for Everyone