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How To Spell exchange?

Correct spelling: exchange

Definition of exchange:

  1. give to, and receive from, one another; "Would you change places with me?"; "We have been exchanging letters for a year"

List of misspellings for exchange:

  • inexchange,
  • exchage,
  • exchang,
  • egean sea,
  • exnchaged,
  • exachange,
  • exchanhe,
  • inxchage,
  • exchane,
  • existiang,
  • exchagned,
  • exchinges,
  • egenise,
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  • egamous,
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  • excahnger,
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  • eschange,
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Hop Exchange


Building in London, England

The Hop Exchange is a Grade II listed building at No. 24 Southwark Street, London, in the Bankside area of the London Borough of Southwark. Opened in 1867 and designed by R.H. Moore it served as the centre for hop trading for the brewing industry.

Israel Diamond Exchange



Israel Diamond Exchange Ltd., located in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, Israel, is the world's largest diamond exchange and the centre of Israel's diamond industry.

Maa Exchange


Indian television series

Maa Exchange is a Hindi language Indian reality television series which premiered on January 12, 2011 on Sony TV. The series is an Indian version of popular international reality show, Wife Swap and is produced by Ronnie Screwvala of UTV Software Communications.

National Spot Exchange


The National Spot Exchange Limited was India’s first electronic commodity spot exchange that was established in view of the then Prime Minister’s vision to create a “single market” across the country for both manufactured and agricultural produce.

Newton Exchange Bay


Bus terminus

Newton Exchange is a bus loop and transit exchange in Surrey, British Columbia. Opened on May 30, 1975, it is the central transit hub for Newton Town Centre.

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Translations for exchange:

Arabic word for Exchange


Chinese words for Exchange

易, 兑换, 转抵, 倒腾.

Dutch words for Exchange

beurs, ruil, uitwisseling, omruiling, omwisseling.

French words for Exchange

échange, change, de change.

German words for Exchange

Wechsel, wechseln, Vermittlung, tauschen, auswechseln, austauschen, Austausch, Umtausch, Auswechslung, umtauschen, einwechseln, Börse, Tausch, eintauschen, Wortwechsel, Geldwechsel, Fernsprechamt, Zentrale, Abtausch, Telefonvermittlung, Schlagabtausch, Vertauschung, Vermittlungsamt.

Greek word for Exchange


Hindi word for Exchange


Italian word for Exchange


Japanese words for Exchange

交換, 換算, 引き換え, 切り替え, 引換え, 引き替え, 切替え, 引替え, 応酬, こうかん, 取り替え, 切換, 切換え, 繰り替える, 替わり, 取換える, おうしゅう, 替り, ひきかえ, 取り交わす, 取替える, 繰替える, 切替える, 取交わす, かわり.

Javanese word for Exchange


Korean word for Exchange


Malay word for Exchange


Marathi word for Exchange


Norwegian word for Exchange


Polish words for Exchange

wymiana, giełda, zamiana.

Portuguese words for Exchange

trocar, troca, intercâmbio, câmbio, transferência, partilha, conversão, bolsa de valores.

Spanish words for Exchange

cambio, cambiar, reemplazar, intercambio, intercambiar, canje, permuta, bolsa, tiroteo, trueque, central telefónica, canjear.

Swedish word for Exchange

byta ut.

Tamil word for Exchange


Turkish word for Exchange

değiş tokuş.

Ukrainian word for Exchange


Vietnamese word for Exchange

trao đổi.