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How To Spell excuse?

Correct spelling: excuse

Definition of excuse:

  1. a poor example; "it was an apology for a meal"; "a poor excuse for an automobile"

List of misspellings for excuse:

  • exqiusite,
  • exccel,
  • exctasy,
  • exerise,
  • escuse,
  • exicute,
  • exclusely,
  • excuesd,
  • exqisit,
  • excued,
  • exuese,
  • exicise,
  • excale,
  • excuste,
  • exclusuve,
  • excuseme,
  • exoense,
  • exwife,
  • excusess,
  • ecscrow,
  • ecuse,
  • excusal,
  • exicutes,
  • exrise,
  • excluse,
  • ecusses,
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  • foxcase,
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  • exhaus,
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  • ascuse,
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  • bexcause,
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  • exces.

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Excuse Me Ethu Collegila


1996 film

Excuse Me Ethu Collegila? is a 1996 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Mohan Roop. The film stars Innocent, Kalabhavan Mani, Anusha, Kalpana and Prem Kumar in lead roles. The film had musical score by Mohan Sithara.

Excuse Me Moses


Rock band

Excuse Me Moses are an Austrian rock band from Vienna. They competed in the Austrian selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, just narrowly missing out on a spot in the final, after coming 11th in the Online Selection, with the song "Way Out".

Excuse My Glove


1936 film

Excuse My Glove is a 1936 British, black-and-white comedy sports film directed by Redd Davis starring Len Harvey, and Bobbie Comber. It was produced by Alexander Film Productions.

Excuse Seventeen


Studio album by Excuse 17

Excuse Seventeen is the debut studio album by American punk rock band Excuse 17. It was released in 1994 on vinyl by Atlas Records and CD by Chainsaw Records.

Snow Excuse


1966 film

Snow Excuse is a Merrie Melodies 1966 animated short featuring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales.

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Quotes for excuse:

  1. I write my plays to create an excuse for full -tilt acting and performing.
  2. He 's ruthless only because of his ideals. Unfortunately he doesn't succeed. The thing fails and gets out of hand and takes charge of him. Idealism is the only excuse he could have and it's a great excuse.
  3. I am in earnest- I will not equivocate- I will not excuse- I will not retreat a single inch- and I will be heard!
  4. We need to get some people in here. There's no passion out there. There's always an excuse. Nobody wants to step up and be a pro.
  5. When we forgive evil we do not excuse it, we do not tolerate it, we do not smother it. We look the evil full in the face, call it what it is, let its horror shock and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive it.

Rhymes for excuse:

  1. pursues, news, ensues, tews, refuse, tewes, bruise, bruce, ewes, taboos, peruse, mewes, screws, disuse, crews, kruse, whose, dews, brews, cruse, sous, skews, druse, glues, coos, snooze, toulouse, cruz, luce, chuse, choose, duce, profuse, cruise, goose, blues, recuse, misuse, joos, mousse, koos, transfuse, soos, boose, buse, fuse, luse, suffuse, spruce, foos, hughes, reviews, druze, pews, canoes, induce, juice, woos, produce, spews, seduce, mews, hews, defuse, reuse, oohs, shrews, cues, queues, coups, loose, moose, infuse, drews, reduce, shoes, deuce, zeus, obtuse, truce, sues, trues, lose, schmooze, loos, recluse, ruse, confuse, moos, luiz, dues, miscues, boos, roos, seuss, who's, clews, twos, enthuse, clues, goos, revues, meuse, use, hues, stews, ooze, kuse, renews, ques, views, booze, muse, noose, sluice, tattoos, jews;
  2. caboose, accrues, bemuse, amuse, diffuse, abuse, deduce, adduce, abstruse, accuse;
  3. reproduce, kangaroos, introduce, overuse, disabuse;
  4. reintroduce, overproduce;

Translations for excuse:

Afrikaans word for Excuse


Arabic word for Excuse


Bengali word for Excuse


Chinese word for Excuse


Dutch words for Excuse

excuus, uitvlucht, smoes, voorwendsel, verontschuldiging.

French words for Excuse

justifier, justification, exempter, excuse, prétexte, excuser, dispenser, pardonner.

German words for Excuse

Hinderungsgrund, Rechtfertigung, Entschuldigung, entschuldigen, verzeihen, Ausrede, Vorwand, Alibi, Ausflucht, Entschuldigungsgrund.

Greek word for Excuse


Italian word for Excuse


Javanese word for Excuse


Malay word for Excuse


Norwegian word for Excuse


Polish word for Excuse


Portuguese words for Excuse

perdoar, desculpar, desculpa, justificativa, escusa.

Russian words for Excuse

оправдание, предлог, отговорка, извинение, отмазка.

Spanish words for Excuse

liberar, perdonar, justificar, excusa, eximir, dispensar, excusar, coartada, disculpa, pretexto, disculpar.

Tamil word for Excuse


Turkish word for Excuse


Ukrainian word for Excuse


Vietnamese word for Excuse

lý do bào chữa.