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How To Spell exile?

Correct spelling: exile

List of misspellings for exile:

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  • oxize,
  • excualy,
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Related words for exile

Cafe Lafitte in Exile


Gay bar in New Orleans, Louisiana

Cafe Lafitte in Exile is a bar in New Orleans' French Quarter that has operated continuously since 1933. It claims to be the oldest continuously operating gay bar in the United States.

Exile on Coldharbour Lane


Album by Alabama 3

Exile on Coldharbour Lane is the debut album by Alabama 3, released November 11, 1997, on One Little Indian and Geffen. The name and cover are references to Exile on Main St. by The Rolling Stones and Coldharbour Lane a major street in Brixton, South London best known for containing several after-hours clubs and not a few drug dealers.

Hiroyuki Igarashi


Japanese dancer

Hiroyuki Igarashi is a Japanese dancer and producer. He is the leader of Exile and the creative leader of LDH World. Igarashi grew up in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. His wife is actress Aya Ueto.

Karim Ryuta Nesmith


Japanese singer

Nesmith is a Japanese singer and dancer. He is the vocalist and performer of Exile and Exile The Second. He is also a member of the former groups Steel and Nidaime J Soul Brothers.

Virata Parva


Book by Vyasa

Virata Parva, also known as the “Book of Virata”, is the fourth of eighteen books of the Indian Epic Mahabharata. Virata Parva has 4 sub-books and 72 chapters.

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Translations for exile:

Afrikaans word for Exile


Arabic word for Exile


Chinese word for Exile


Dutch words for Exile

ballingschap, verbanning, banneling.

French word for Exile


Italian words for Exile

esilio, esule.

Japanese words for Exile

追放, 流罪, 配流, 亡命者, るざい, るざん, 流竄, りゅうざん, 配す, りゅうてき, 流, る, 島流し, しまながし, ざんする, 流刑, 流謫, るけい, 竄する, りゅうけい, ついほう, ぼうめいしゃ, るたく, りゅうたく.

Korean word for Exile


Malay word for Exile


Norwegian word for Exile


Polish word for Exile


Portuguese word for Exile


Spanish word for Exile


Vietnamese word for Exile

lưu vong.