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How To Spell existence?

Correct spelling: existence

Definition of existence:

  1. The state of existing or being; actual possession of being; continuance in being; as, the existence of body and of soul in union; the separate existence of the soul; immortal existence.

List of misspellings for existence:

  • existenc,
  • exhistant,
  • existances,
  • exstink,
  • exitance,
  • extensie,
  • exsistense,
  • igsistance,
  • exsistence,
  • exitense,
  • exspireance,
  • exceptence,
  • exsistans,
  • exsistance,
  • exstencie,
  • assisstence,
  • exisistance,
  • asistance,
  • excitedness,
  • existantance,
  • exsuberence,
  • exhistance,
  • exstinsive,
  • excistance,
  • existeing,
  • exceedance,
  • exstensive,
  • exsprince,
  • existamce,
  • existits,
  • exsistaance,
  • exsitent,
  • existinng,
  • existin,
  • excistence,
  • existinf,
  • exstoanraner,
  • assistency,
  • exiestance,
  • exxtensive,
  • exsistances,
  • exisitng,
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  • exisence,
  • exisistence,
  • exceptance,
  • exstanged,
  • assistence.

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Philosophy of Existence


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Rhymes for existence:

  1. distance;
  2. assistance, consistence, persistence, resistance, insistence, subsistence;
  3. coexistence, self-subsistence;

Translations for existence:

Arabic word for Existence


Bengali word for Existence


Dutch words for Existence

voortbestaan, bestaan, existentie.

French word for Existence


German word for Existence


Greek word for Existence


Hindi word for Existence


Italian word for Existence


Japanese words for Existence

存在, 生命, 存立, 賦存, 実存, じつぞん, そんざい, エグジスタンス, ザイン, 存廃, ぞんぱい, そんりつ.

Javanese word for Existence


Malay word for Existence


Norwegian word for Existence


Polish word for Existence


Portuguese word for Existence


Romanian word for Existence


Russian words for Existence

существование, наличие.

Swedish word for Existence


Tamil word for Existence


Turkish word for Existence


Ukrainian word for Existence