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How To Spell existing?

Correct spelling: existing

Definition of existing:

  1. Having being or life; actual.

List of misspellings for existing:

  • exersizeing,
  • exisitng,
  • exsitent,
  • existience,
  • exhousting,
  • exibiting,
  • exiteing,
  • exusting,
  • exstoanraner,
  • exsistense,
  • exstinguising,
  • exiestance,
  • ezisting,
  • elisting,
  • exiating,
  • exstraw,
  • exisiting,
  • existant,
  • existamce,
  • exsitis,
  • existint,
  • exhauting,
  • exsorting,
  • exciding,
  • oxsgin,
  • excitin,
  • exting,
  • excieting,
  • exstaic,
  • esxisting,
  • excitign,
  • exspain,
  • excitning,
  • hexisting,
  • excisting,
  • exicsting,
  • eixisting,
  • excting,
  • exstinguish,
  • exitiing,
  • execiseing,
  • exstanged,
  • extiting,
  • existinf,
  • isisting,
  • excitmen,
  • exsteme,
  • exavating,
  • exstand,
  • existinng,
  • exscaping,
  • exstict,
  • existantial,
  • exhaousting,
  • exibithion,
  • exising,
  • exsamine,
  • wxisting,
  • exiswng,
  • exusing,
  • exstink,
  • exiding,
  • exissting,
  • existeing,
  • exciitng,
  • extising,
  • exsistance,
  • exisitace,
  • exhusting,
  • excausting,
  • exauhsting,
  • exsiteing,
  • excitng,
  • exicitng,
  • existace,
  • expceting,
  • exsting,
  • exceding,
  • exzamine,
  • assissting,
  • existenc,
  • excuting,
  • exating,
  • exsamin,
  • exceting,
  • exisint,
  • exstra,
  • exeting,
  • existsing,
  • excitind,
  • exighting,
  • exisit,
  • existiing,
  • existance,
  • existancy,
  • existig,
  • exsisiting,
  • excistanse,
  • existiong,
  • exstiguish.

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Translations for existing:

Afrikaans word for Existing


Arabic word for Existing


Chinese word for Existing


French words for Existing

actuel, disponible, existant, présenté, présentes, en place.

German words for Existing

bestehend, vorhanden, vorliegend, lebend, existierend, existent, vorkommend, vorhanden seiend.

Greek word for Existing


Hindi word for Existing


Italian words for Existing

vigente, esistente.

Javanese word for Existing


Korean word for Existing


Malay word for Existing

Sedia ada.

Norwegian word for Existing


Polish word for Existing


Russian word for Existing


Spanish words for Existing

actual, existente, subsistente.

Swedish word for Existing


Tamil word for Existing


Turkish word for Existing


Ukrainian word for Existing


Vietnamese word for Existing

hiện tại.