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How To Spell explain?

Correct spelling: explain

List of misspellings for explain:

  • ecsplained,
  • explainign,
  • exolain,
  • explorng,
  • explaned,
  • explein,
  • exaplained,
  • explelling,
  • explainion,
  • explanary,
  • explauned,
  • eexplains,
  • exaplain,
  • expliained,
  • exsplanes,
  • expolring,
  • explaning,
  • explaineed,
  • exspelling,
  • expering,
  • explaim,
  • exaplme,
  • explorion,
  • explant,
  • explainig,
  • expalines,
  • expulation,
  • expriing,
  • explaing,
  • exploartion,
  • explane,
  • exlplains,
  • exsplaining,
  • expalein,
  • explaine,
  • expellsion,
  • explaneing,
  • explanin,
  • exepcion,
  • explalined,
  • expecionly,
  • expalined,
  • explour,
  • explaind,
  • exlain,
  • explianes,
  • excplained,
  • explin,
  • explame,
  • exsplane,
  • exposign,
  • explanis,
  • explaioned,
  • explailn,
  • experianc,
  • exploison,
  • expleaning,
  • expilling,
  • explen,
  • expan,
  • explainnnnn,
  • exsplaine,
  • expolation,
  • explailned,
  • explaition,
  • exsplaind,
  • expain,
  • explainitory,
  • xplain,
  • explanied,
  • expasion,
  • expload,
  • explay,
  • expereiene,
  • explatinging,
  • exspland,
  • expleining,
  • explainedd,
  • exsplaning,
  • exlplain,
  • explaation,
  • expultion,
  • exsploring,
  • excilant,
  • iexplained,
  • esplain,
  • expllained,
  • exportin,
  • experiane,
  • experinc,
  • expation,
  • explaibned,
  • exploading,
  • exaplined,
  • exeplify,
  • exaplin,
  • exmplain,
  • explining,
  • exoplained,
  • expaling.

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Men Explain Things to Me is a 2014 book by Rebecca Solnit, published by Haymarket Books. The book is a collection of seven essays and, according to its publisher, "has become a touchstone of the feminist movement."

Pauline Hanson: Please Explain!


2016 film

Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! is a 2016 political documentary directed by Anna Broinowski exploring the history of the Australian political figure Pauline Hanson and the One Nation party as well as the controversy and debate in which both have been surrounded.

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This graph shows how "explain" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for explain:

  1. maine, wane, cain, blaine, spokane, charmaine, blane, dayne, sustain, pain, maclean, pertain, crane, fain, thaine, dewayne, deign, ordain, craine, jain, frane, dane, slane, kaine, hain, swain, plane, payne, vain, jane, chain, bain, butane, duane, thayne, bane, mclean, vane, ukraine, frayne, attain, cocaine, urbain, rain, gain, duan, constrain, train, wain, champagne, crayne, sane, swayne, kahane, wayne, slain, bahrain, urbane, hussain, twain, domain, stain, reign, champlain, shayne, mane, campaign, rayne, vein, fontaine, charlayne, delaine, frayn, germane, humane, sprain, ingrain, refrain, blayne, iain, grain, disdain, retrain, spain, feign, mayne, jayne, dain, devane, maintain, cheyne, ln, draine, mccain, ayn, charmain, brain, laine, crain, sain, insane, raine, profane, main, rein, duquesne, obtain, preordain, freyne, germaine, loraine, lane, pane, fein, sylvain, jermaine, laraine, retain, dwayne, lorain, remain, aine, duwayne, kain, kayne, bayne, hane, reine, germain, elaine, lain, biscayne, caine, regain, heyne, elayne, swaine, elane, detain, paine, fane, complain, demain, shane, romain, trane, champaign, mcclain, restrain, arraign, blain, thane, plain, kane, tremaine, arcane, cane, shaine, strain, contain, inane, terrain, romaine, layne, rogaine, moraine, mundane, lorraine, zane, drain, fraine, hussein;
  2. amain, again, alain, alayne, allain, alane, abstain, alaine;
  3. ascertain, aquitaine, entertain, inhumane;
  4. legerdemain;

Translations for explain:

Afrikaans word for Explain


Arabic word for Explain


Chinese words for Explain

释, 申, 讲解, 解说, 阐释, 陈, 诠, 开解, 辩解, 诂, 讲明, 剖辩.

French words for Explain

exposer, montrer, dire, exprimer, illustrer, justifier, expliquer, clarifier, donner des explications sur.

German words for Explain

darlegen, verdeutlichen, deutlich machen, verständlich machen, dartun.

Greek word for Explain


Hindi word for Explain


Italian word for Explain


Japanese words for Explain

解き明かす, 言い開く, 言開く, 申し開らく, 説き聞かせる, ときあかす, もうしひらく, いいひらく, 闡明, 説き明かす, 説明する.

Javanese word for Explain


Malay word for Explain


Norwegian word for Explain


Portuguese words for Explain

expor, explicar a, explicitar, explicar-se.

Spanish words for Explain

mostrar, demostrar, describir, indicar, exponer, aclarar, justificar, explicar, clarificar, esclarecer, precisar, explanar, elucidar.

Swedish word for Explain