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How To Spell exploration?

Correct spelling: exploration

What are the misspellings for exploration ?

  • excelration,
  • expoloration,
  • exploation,
  • exploytation,
  • exlporation,
  • expireation,
  • explaination,
  • exfolation,
  • exsplantion,
  • exiliration,
  • expeiration,
  • explantion,
  • exazallaration,
  • exploaration,
  • exploition,
  • explnation,
  • explanaiton,
  • explroring,
  • exploratiory,
  • explimation,
  • explaition,
  • exploataition,
  • expleration,
  • expireration,
  • exploartion,
  • expulation,
  • expliantion,
  • exploratin,
  • expalination,
  • expolration,
  • exsellerition,
  • explation,
  • exhiliration,
  • exceleration,
  • exhileration,
  • expoloitation,
  • explainition,
  • exsilaration,
  • exploratation,
  • explotiation,
  • expolation,
  • exploraton,
  • expieration,
  • explanatiion,
  • excelleration,
  • ecplanation,
  • explorion,
  • explantaion,
  • exhilleration,
  • explotation,
  • esploration,
  • exploatation,
  • exileration,
  • exilleration,
  • expration,
  • exfolliation,
  • eploration,
  • exeleration,
  • excelaration,
  • explortation,
  • explorering,
  • explenetion,
  • excelloration,
  • explmantion,
  • explloration,
  • explainantion,
  • explanmation,
  • exilaration,
  • exhilihration,
  • exploasion,
  • explaintion,
  • exploratoin,
  • experition,
  • exploriation,
  • exloration,
  • expalantion,
  • expiriation,
  • explination,
  • explenation,
  • explanination,
  • explortion,
  • expliation,
  • expliotation,
  • exploiation,
  • explonation,
  • explostion,
  • explainiation,
  • explaation,
  • excploration,
  • experation,
  • explamation,
  • exhlaration,
  • expolitation,
  • exipration,
  • explotion,
  • explianation,
  • exploiration,
  • explorign,
  • expirartion,
  • explaiation.

What is the definition of exploration?

  1. a systematic consideration; "he called for a careful exploration of the consequences"

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This graph shows how "exploration" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for exploration?

  1. Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.
  2. My first book is really about heat. That book, for me, was an exploration of heat as ingredient. Why we don't talk about heat as an ingredient, I don't quite understand, because it is the common ingredient to all cooking processes.
  3. So, I decided that whatever I was, wanted to do with my life, it would have to do, it would have to have something to do with the exploration and doing new things.
  4. For it goes without saying that this great recognition at this time will aid tremendously our efforts to find the necessarily large funds for the next voyage of exploration farther into the depths of the atom.
  5. I don't think the space station will ever do anything for exploration. Putting people up there for a year or more is the only way you will get anywhere near the exploration concept.

What are the rhymes for exploration?

  1. dehumanization, fermentation, disputation, intonation, subordination, prefabrication, detoxification, disembarkation, modification, relation, explanation, infestation, impersonation, triangulation, obligation, hallucination, coagulation, levitation, procrastination, installation, desalination, remuneration, declaration, punctuation, pigmentation, modulation, accumulation, replication, recommendation, fluctuation, excommunication, depopulation, innovation, demonstration, privatization, dissociation, avocation, culmination, imagination, inoculation, consecration, industrialization, reaffiliation, dislocation, reinterpretation, ligation, cohabitation, demarcation, annihilation, integration, sterilization, usurpation, constellation, modernization, intensification, justification, implementation, argumentation, pagination, condemnation, misrepresentation, condensation, gravitation, affirmation, capitulation, electrification, interrogation, facilitation, affiliation, maturation, experimentation, negation, centralization, cogitation, evacuation, reverberation, preservation, depreciation, adoration, configuration, miniaturization, overvaluation, gestation, delegation, amortization, complication, reconfirmation, deviation, desegregation, conservation, reincarnation, codification, information, consternation, menstruation, incarceration, emulation, exaggeration, temptation, detonation, sanctification, congregation, cultivation, misapplication, orientation, correlation, gastrulation, evocation, enumeration, recertification, instrumentation, misinterpretation, rumination, emigration, vegetation, manipulation, monopolization, recrimination, generation, insemination, malformation, fragmentation, expropriation, denunciation, provocation, rotation, granulation, dissertation, fixation, appalachian, respiration, education, liberalization, reflation, defamation, reexamination, suffocation, annexation, vindication, nomination, privatisation, destabilization, rejuvenation, expectation, syndication, nucleation, articulation, examination, corporation, pacification, mitigation, elation, pollination, deliberation, hydration, consolation, differentiation, restoration, evaporation, confrontation, donation, normalization, edification, expatriation, politicization, dramatization, medication, approximation, conciliation, vacillation, gasification, dehydration, figuration, notification, recantation, adulation, authorization, inhabitation, valuation, transillumination, disinformation, frustration, irritation, confirmation, bifurcation, refutation, liquidation, excitation, nullification, confederation, misappropriation, extermination, vibration, telecommunication, demodulation, violation, insubordination, precipitation, augmentation, ossification, glorification, legislation, sequestration, discoloration, reparation, depredation, improvisation, renovation, incubation, coordination, authentication, congratulation, indemnification, inundation, implantation, estimation, inflammation, elaboration, deregulation, ratification, miscalculation, collaboration, denomination, mediation, discrimination, exhilaration, combination, multiplication, limitation, pronunciation, desperation, vacation, miseration, habitation, maximization, corroboration, victimization, marginalization, palpitation, revocation, emancipation, mutation, organization, constipation, civilization, perpetuation, optimization, annotation, mutilation, alteration, amputation, depravation, oscillation, inactivation, invitation, duration, deformation, foliation, aspiration, delineation, anticipation, distillation, lactation, conglomeration, revitalization, allegation, indexation, illumination, evaluation, variation, negotiation, consultation, reconciliation, designation, realization, incantation, connotation, identification, registration, operation, exacerbation, occupation, reunification, relocation, population, germination, recreation, convocation, jubilation, deceleration, filtration, validation, quantification, assimilation, preparation, criminalization, decapitation, radiation, irrigation, visualization, importation, summation, cooperation, ordination, laceration, emanation, libration, imputation, echolocation, manifestation, documentation, suburbanization, devaluation, recuperation, formation, isolation, incrustation, retaliation, concatenation, unionization, probation, toleration, conflagration, commercialization, taxation, perturbation, clarification, russification, mechanization, regimentation, pasteurization, commemoration, separation, standardization, proliferation, personification, demobilization, certification, destination, elevation, reclassification, dissipation, representation, quotation, invalidation, reclamation, liberation, inflation, animation, hydrogenation, immunization, naturalization, globalization, situation, rededication, incorporation, colonization, mummification, orchestration, masturbation, collectivization, localization, sedation, dissemination, contamination, computerization, inspiration, initiation, resuscitation, sarmatian, desiccation, oxidation, molestation, pressurization, stagnation, utilization, predestination, aviation, publication, decoration, application, infiltration, hesitation, divination, hospitalization, democratization, privation, ejaculation, fluoridation, appreciation, origination, socialization, stipulation, computation, saponification, admiration, flotation, preoccupation, ostentation, insinuation, damnation, ovulation, diversification, amalgamation, deflation, protestation, degradation, adaptation, profanation, reinvigoration, commendation, backwardation, indignation, solicitation, arbitration, intimidation, sanitation, imitation, strangulation, deprivation, inclination, moderation, inauguration, excavation, ionization, substantiation, falsification, classification, starvation, formulation, reformation, redecoration, agitation, participation, premeditation, inhalation, reevaluation, lubrication, recalculation, retardation, glaciation, denationalization, nondiscrimination, appropriation, simplification, ovation, segmentation, hybridization, rehydration, approbation, generalization, sophistication, embarkation, indentation, purification, regeneration, gratification, reservation, fascination, automation, confiscation, characterization, consummation, reiteration, categorization, disqualification, rehabilitation, recitation, rectification, association, tribulation, coronation, miscreation, confabulation, renomination, communication, motivation, plantation, permutation, dilatation, rationalization, calculation, salvation, vaporization, calibration, illustration, reputation, conjugation, verification, exclamation, desecration, transformation, specification, ornamentation, discontinuation, reconsideration, unification, irradiation, gyration, consolidation, prognostication, nonproliferation, humiliation, disinclination, repatriation, magnification, assassination, derivation, legalization, harmonization, alienation, self-congratulation, repudiation, stagflation, investigation, elimination, cremation, observation, equalization, dictation, popularization, hyperinflation, misidentification, proration, contemplation, exfoliation, disinflation, notation, misinformation, transportation, demonization, relaxation, crustacean, reorganization, affrication, personalization, vulgarization, specialization, refrigeration, oration, amplification, appellation, cancellation, communization, disorientation, exhumation, federation, pontification, stalinization, balkanization, eradication, elongation, miscommunication, saturation, fortification, reauthorization, exoneration, devastation, trepidation, agglomeration, magnetization, ventilation, croatian, invocation, litigation, escalation, domination, equivocation, determination, extrapolation, incrimination, dilation, fabrication, neutralization, vilification, mobilization, explication, fibrillation, decentralization, exhortation, remediation, speculation, decertification, presentation, procreation, deforestation, altercation, fumigation, continuation, undervaluation, subsidization, indoctrination, concentration, translation, perspiration, flirtation, insulation, location, foundation, segregation, instigation, affectation, narration, overpopulation, equitation, navigation, graduation, westernization, alleviation, transplantation, sensation, celebration, interpretation, visitation, dispensation, christianization, subluxation, domestication, vocation, termination, exhalation, implication, incoordination, renegotiation, simulation, stimulation, deification, reconfiguration, renunciation, prostration, disintegration, reforestation, sedimentation, dalmatian, organisation, optation, propagation, ramification, urbanization, disorganization, amelioration, polarization, revelation, stabilization, desolation, coloration, obfuscation, nitration, duplication, reallocation, incapacitation, machination, securitization, qualification, compensation, expiration, dedication, proclamation, mineralization, adjudication, demoralization, gentrification, incarnation, meditation, compilation, regulation, impregnation, tabulation, immigration, horatian, perforation, titillation, degeneration, desalinization, hibernation, aggravation, fertilization, decontamination, intimation, corp, advocation, consideration, exasperation, deportation, exploitation, reaffirmation, nationalization, infatuation, revaluation, gradation, vaccination, resignation, conversation, migration, intoxication, creation, allocation, ministration, indication;
  2. nation, haitian, ration, station;
  3. carnation, castration, cetacean, cessation, alsatian, citation, causation;
  4. aberration, accusation, activation, abdication, abrogation, acclimation;
  5. acceleration, abbreviation, accommodation, accreditation, abomination;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, capitalization, cannibalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, demilitarization, antidiscrimination;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

What are the translations for exploration?

Afrikaans word for Exploration


Arabic word for Exploration


Bengali word for Exploration


Dutch words for Exploration

exploratie, verkenning, verkenningstocht.

German words for Exploration

Untersuchung, erforschen, Erforschung, Erkundung, Exploration, Sondierung, Aufsuchung.

Greek word for Exploration


Italian word for Exploration


Javanese word for Exploration


Korean word for Exploration


Malay word for Exploration


Norwegian word for Exploration


Polish words for Exploration

badanie, poszukiwanie, wydobycie, eksploracja, zgłębianie, poszukiwania.

Romanian word for Exploration


Russian words for Exploration

разведка, разведывательный, освоение, поиски.

Swedish word for Exploration


Ukrainian word for Exploration


Vietnamese word for Exploration

thăm dò.