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How To Spell exposition?

Correct spelling: exposition

List of misspellings for exposition:

  • esposition,
  • expidition,
  • existion,
  • expositiory,
  • expersation,
  • expcetion,
  • exibhition,
  • exposistion,
  • exfolliation,
  • explortion,
  • expostition,
  • expolision,
  • exploartion,
  • exsprsion,
  • exsposition,
  • expecitional,
  • exshustion,
  • expitition,
  • expaintion,
  • opposistion,
  • exposion,
  • expolison,
  • exspession,
  • exption,
  • expasion,
  • exploition,
  • expession,
  • exsaustion,
  • experdition,
  • expedtion,
  • exposeing,
  • expesion,
  • expresstion,
  • exshaustion,
  • exoustion,
  • exhustion,
  • exprssion,
  • explotion,
  • expostion,
  • explaition,
  • expeditioin,
  • expidtion,
  • thisposition,
  • imposistion,
  • exaustion,
  • expastion,
  • exhostion,
  • exsasution,
  • explostion,
  • exposign,
  • exostion,
  • expetition,
  • expeption,
  • aquisistion,
  • expanstion,
  • expadition,
  • expassion,
  • expetion,
  • experision,
  • exepcion,
  • aqusistion,
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  • opposisition,
  • juxaposition,
  • experition,
  • expositive,
  • exhastion,
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  • expolation,
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  • exspantion,
  • exprestion.

Related words for exposition

1910 Nanyang industrial exposition


The 1910 Nanyang industrial exposition or more internationally known as the 1910 Nanking Exposition was the official world's fair held in Nanking, Qing China on June 5, 1910.

1929 Westlake exposition



The 1929 Westlake exposition was a world's fair held in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Republic of China in 1929. The event opened on June 6, 1929, lasting 137 days. There were 14,760,000 items in the exhibit with 20,000,000 visitors. The main architect/designer was Liu Jipiao. He studied art and architecture at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France. Liu dedicated 6 months of his life to organize and create the Expo.

Exposición Internacional del Centenario


The Exposición Internacional del Centenario was an exhibition held between May and November 1910 in Buenos Aires, to commemorate the Centennial of the May Revolution in Argentina.

Greater Texas & Pan-American Exposition



The Greater Texas & Pan-American Exposition was a World's Fair held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The exhibition promoted the city of Dallas as the cultural and economic capital of an emerging Pan-American civilization stretching from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska.

I-X Center


Convention center in Cleveland, Ohio

The International Exposition Center, better known as the I-X Center, is a convention and exhibition hall located in Cleveland, Ohio, adjacent to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

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Quotes for exposition:

  1. Besides the actual reading in class of many poems, I would suggest you do two things: first, while teaching everything you can and keeping free of it, teach that poetry is a mode of discourse that differs from logical exposition.
  2. Let it be understood, in the first place, that a science fiction story must be an exposition of a scientific theme and it must be also a story.
  3. There is no scorn more profound, or on the whole more justifiable, than that of the men who make for the men who explain. Exposition, criticism, appreciation, is work for second -rate minds.
  4. In other times, I could stand here and give this kind of exposition on the beliefs of the Democratic Party and that would be enough. But today that is not enough. People want more.
  5. People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.

Translations for exposition:

Afrikaans word for Exposition


Bengali word for Exposition


Dutch words for Exposition

tentoonstelling, uiteenzetting, blootstelling, expositie.

German word for Exposition


Italian words for Exposition

esposizione, rassegna.

Japanese word for Exposition


Javanese word for Exposition


Korean word for Exposition

상세한 설명.

Malay word for Exposition


Norwegian word for Exposition


Polish word for Exposition


Portuguese word for Exposition


Turkish word for Exposition


Ukrainian word for Exposition