How To Spell extremely?

Correct spelling: extremely

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What is the definition of extremely?

  1. to an extreme degree; "the house was super clean for Mother's visit"

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What are the rhymes for extremely?

  1. seemly;
  2. unseemly;

What are the translations for extremely?

Afrikaans word for Extremely


Arabic word for Extremely


Chinese words for Extremely

极, 非常, 十分, 到不行, 极之, 不得了, 极了, 至极, 之至, 不胜, 万分, 甚为, 万般, 一箩筐, 要死, 无似, 煞是, 极端地.

German words for Extremely

besonders, ganz, sehr, arg, krass, hoch, denkbar, extrem, drastisch, hochgradig, in höchstem Maße, eminent, im höchsten Grade.

Greek word for Extremely


Hindi word for Extremely


Italian word for Extremely


Japanese words for Extremely

非常に, 極めて, 最も, 頗る, それはそれは, いや, 至極, 随分, 極まりない, もっとも, 満点, 酷く, この上なく, 否という程, このうえもなく, 然も, ひじょうに, 非道く, いよ, そこぶる, じゅうじゅうに, ごっつ, おにのように, しごく, めっさ, 愈, おに, なんとも, いたって, 超がつく, そりゃあ, 窮まり無い, よにも, いとも, すこぶる, さも, 窮まりない, 無茶苦茶, このうえなく, 隨分, きわまりない, 何とも, 重重に, むっちゃ, 凄絶, いよよ, まんてん, 弥, ちょうがつく, せいぜつ, めっちゃ, 世にも, 極まり無い, 嫌という程, ゆたか, 極度に.

Javanese word for Extremely


Korean word for Extremely


Malay word for Extremely


Norwegian word for Extremely


Polish word for Extremely


Romanian word for Extremely


Spanish words for Extremely

realmente, sumamente, altamente, enormemente, radicalmente, extremadamente, excesivamente, profundamente, extremamente, intensamente, singularmente, tremendamente, extraordinariamente, en extremo, increíblemente, rigurosamente, inmensamente, terriblemente.

Swedish word for Extremely


Ukrainian word for Extremely