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Correct spelling: fact


Definition of fact:

  1. A deed or anything done; an event or anything that comes to pass; reality; truth; the assertion of a thing as a fact.

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Examples of usage for fact:

  1. There's no getting around that fact.
  2. The only point gained by the discussion was opening the eyes of a few to the fact that their point of view might not be the only one.
  3. I can even appreciate the fact that you mean exactly what you say.

Quotes for fact:

  1. A workshop is a way of renting an audience, and making sure you're communicating what you think you're communicating. It's so easy as a young writer to think you're been very clear when in fact you haven't. - Octavia Butler
  2. I know that I am very popular in Holland, in fact I have visited Amsterdam several times to publicize my books. I have a great publisher in Holland and they have published all of my books in Dutch. - Jackie Collins
  3. There is no excuse for this administration shielding information about Iraq and the fact that we have great difficulties there from the American people. - Jay Inslee
  4. And what I wanted to do was, I wanted to explore problems and areas where we didn't have answers. In fact, where we didn't even know the right questions to ask. - Donald Johanson
  5. Your generous part in my liberation is taken by the world for the revelation of the fact, that the United States are resolved not to allow the despots of the world to trample on oppressed humanity. - Lajos Kossuth

Idioms for fact:

  1. there's no escaping the fact
  2. is that a fact
  3. and that's a fact
  4. grounded in fact
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