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Spell Check of fain

Correct spelling: fain


Definition of fain:

  1. Glad; inclined; content for want of, something better.
  2. Gladly; with joy or pleasure.
  3. To wish or desire.

Common misspellings for fain:


Fain \fain\

happy, joyous
Fain as a boy's name is a variant of Faine (Old English), and the meaning of Fain is "happy, joyous".
Wain, Fin.

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Examples of usage for fain:

  1. Would you fain be married?
  2. Then, in a burst of indignation which I was fain to believe real, she turned on me with the cry: It was a bit of paper which I had thrust into the bosom of my gown.
  3. Is this so sweet that one were fain to follow?

Quotes for fain:

  1. We are always doing something for posterity, but I would fain see posterity do something for us. - Joseph Addison
  2. In its entirety, probably, it follows us at every instant; all that we have felt, thought and willed from our earliest infancy is there, leaning over the present which is about to join it, pressing against the portals of consciousness that would fain leave it outside. - Henri Bergson
  3. I would fain grow old learning many things. - Plato
  4. Fain would I climb, yet fear I to fall. - Walter Raleigh

Rhymes for fain:

  1. abstain, again, alain, alaine, alane, alayne, allain, amain.
  2. aine, arcane, arraign, attain, ayn, bahrain, bain, bane, bayne, biscayne, blain, blaine, blane, blayne, brain, butane, cain, caine, campaign, cane, chain, champagne, champaign, champlain, charlayne, charmain, charmaine, cheyne, cocaine, complain, constrain, contain, crain, craine, crane, crayne, dain, dane, dayne, deign, delaine, demain, detain, devane, dewayne, disdain, domain, drain, draine, duan, duane, duquesne, duwayne, dwayne, elaine, elane, elayne, explain, fane, feign, fein, fontaine, fraine, frane, frayn, frayne, freyne, gain, germain, germaine, germane, grain, hain, hane, heyne, humane, hussain, hussein, iain, inane, ingrain, insane, jain, jane, jayne, jermaine, kahane, kain, kaine, kane, kayne, lain, laine, lane, laraine, layne, ln, lorain, loraine, lorraine, maclean, main, maine, maintain, mane, mayne, mccain, mcclain, mclean, moraine, mundane, obtain, ordain, pain, paine, pane, payne, pertain, plain, plane, preordain, profane, rain, raine, rayne, refrain, regain, reign, rein, reine, remain, restrain, retain, retrain, rogaine, romain, romaine, sain, sane, shaine, shane, shayne, slain, slane, spain, spokane, sprain, stain, strain, sustain, swain, swaine, swayne, sylvain, terrain, thaine, thane, thayne, train, trane, tremaine, twain, ukraine, urbain, urbane, vain, vane, vein, wain, wane, wayne, zane.
  3. aquitaine, ascertain, entertain, inhumane.
  4. legerdemain.
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