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How To Spell Family?

Correct spelling: Family

List of misspellings for Family:

  • famlily,
  • fmall,
  • famly,
  • fermly,
  • familuer,
  • fimillur,
  • fainily,
  • familyroom,
  • famialir,
  • famalie,
  • familia,
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What does the abbreviation Family mean?

Related words for Family

Family Arena


Arena in Saint Charles, Missouri

The Family Arena is a multi-purpose arena in St. Charles, Missouri, built in 1999. The arena seats 9,643 for hockey, 9,755 for football, 10,467 for basketball, 6,339 for half-house concerts and up to 11,522 for end-stage concerts.



TV series

Family! is a manga series written and illustrated by Kaze Hikaru author Taeko Watanabe. It follows the life of a conventionally dysfunctional family whose parents were as childish as their children were mature, but which always managed to live happily nevertheless.

Lighthouse Family


Musical duo

Lighthouse Family were a British musical duo that rose to prominence in the mid-1990s and remained active until the early 2000s.




Smilacaceae, the greenbrier family, is a family of flowering plants. Up to some decades ago the genera now included in family Smilacaceae were often assigned to a more broadly defined family Liliaceae, but for the past twenty to thirty years most botanists have accepted Smilacaceae as a distinct family.

Solo family


Fictional character

The Solo family is a fictional family of characters in the Star Wars franchise. Introduced in the 1977 film Star Wars, smuggler Han Solo is initially a morally ambiguous character but evolves into one of the heroes of the film.

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Quotes for Family:

  1. I do know the Spelling family. I worked for Aaron Spelling when I was a brunette. I've known them since Tori was a little girl.
  2. I am quite a spendthrift but just being careful because my family was not rich, was not a rich family.
  3. I love being with my family, my friends, and my boyfriend.
  4. I was brought up Catholic, and my family is still very religious.
  5. Like all my family and class, I considered it a sign of weakness to show affection; to have been caught kissing my mother would have been a disgrace, and to have shown affection for my father would have been a disaster.

Rhymes for Family:

  1. amalie;
  2. multifamily;

Translations for Family:

Afrikaans word for Family


Arabic word for Family


Bengali word for Family


Chinese words for Family

家, 家庭, 家人, 户, 一族, 家室.

Dutch word for Family


French words for Family

famille, familial, maison, aile.

German words for Family

Anhang, Geschlecht, Familie, Foyer, Sippe.

Greek word for Family


Hindi word for Family


Italian word for Family


Japanese words for Family

家族, ファミリー, ファミリ, 族, 一族, かかりつけ, 所帯, 氏族, かぞく, 掛かり付け, せたい, やから, しょたい, 掛りつけ, 種族, 掛り付け, しゅぞく, 一門, 盆, しぞく, いちぞく, いちもん, 眷属, 眷族, けんぞく.

Javanese word for Family


Malay word for Family


Polish word for Family


Portuguese word for Family


Spanish words for Family

familia, de familia, genealógico.

Swedish word for Family


Ukrainian word for Family