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How To Spell fascination?

Correct spelling: fascination

List of misspellings for fascination:

  • fascintaing,
  • fascincating,
  • fascinateing,
  • resination,
  • funcintions,
  • facisnating,
  • fascinting,
  • fucoxanthin,
  • faszinating,
  • cascination,
  • fasniating,
  • assaination,
  • fascianating,
  • fansinating,
  • fascinatiing,
  • fancination,
  • vacination,
  • fasciniation,
  • apeceiantion,
  • falseacation,
  • fucnation,
  • facinatiing,
  • fascniating,
  • firenation,
  • facilation,
  • facisation,
  • fasanating,
  • feminzation,
  • fascianting,
  • fasinations,
  • sesnation,
  • assaniation,
  • fashionation,
  • fascinatng,
  • vacinnation,
  • assination,
  • fancinating,
  • asscention,
  • fasination,
  • gascination,
  • fanscinating,
  • fasicinating,
  • fasintaing,
  • faacination,
  • discintion,
  • facitilation,
  • faciniating,
  • fascenating,
  • fascingating,
  • facsination,
  • fascinatin,
  • fasication,
  • fasciation,
  • saspention,
  • vacsination,
  • fasionation,
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  • fzscination,
  • washingtion,
  • fasninating,
  • acention,
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  • assnation,
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  • fasinnating,
  • miscegination,
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  • fascinatign,
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  • tascination,
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  • fasonation,
  • fasinateing,
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  • dascination,
  • fasicnation,
  • fasincation,
  • facisnation,
  • funcition,
  • facinatng,
  • resingation,
  • assanation,
  • fasicination,
  • miscegnation,
  • fascinationg,
  • fasanation,
  • faciniation.

Related words for fascination

(Keep Feeling) Fascination


Fascination : Fascination

Song by Philippe d'Aram

Ski Fascination

1966 film

Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call


Album by Simple Minds

Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call is the fourth album by Scottish post-punk band Simple Minds. It was released in September 1981 and was their first to reach a wide international audience.

Strange Fascination


1952 film

Strange Fascination is a 1952 American film noir directed by Hugo Haas, starring Cleo Moore, himself and Mona Barrie.

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This graph shows how "fascination" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for fascination:

  1. There's an incredible fascination for that and that goes with violence and everything else in pictures.
  2. Women are most fascinating between the ages of 35 and 40 after they have won a few races and know how to pace themselves. Since few women ever pass 40, maximum fascination can continue indefinitely.
  3. I have this massive love for the whole culture of pop music. It's my fascination, my ongoing passion.
  4. That certainly is one approach to take. My own is to acknowledge the inner child and try to work with my first fascination with science fiction. I have tried to build on its idea content and narrative drive rather than to discard them.
  5. The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.

Rhymes for fascination:

  1. electrification, verification, mutation, revocation, magnification, conversation, disembarkation, suffocation, punctuation, dissociation, starvation, excommunication, embarkation, conglomeration, titillation, trepidation, deportation, exacerbation, dispensation, valuation, determination, cohabitation, gradation, assassination, modulation, consternation, masturbation, reclassification, advocation, repatriation, desolation, optation, detonation, confederation, complication, remuneration, levitation, sarmatian, devaluation, origination, correlation, congratulation, dramatization, incrimination, imagination, exhumation, discoloration, donation, vaporization, retaliation, privatization, limitation, constipation, criminalization, eradication, misrepresentation, communization, westernization, marginalization, coloration, importation, toleration, decontamination, insulation, inflammation, perturbation, commendation, subluxation, inspiration, regeneration, diversification, speculation, articulation, consummation, depravation, exoneration, provocation, indemnification, insemination, habitation, dislocation, democratization, normalization, reformation, propagation, amputation, ligation, radiation, consolidation, usurpation, infatuation, incrustation, variation, amalgamation, altercation, quantification, rejuvenation, reauthorization, exhortation, centralization, pagination, publication, depopulation, evocation, russification, emigration, ejaculation, hospitalization, restoration, decapitation, implication, reputation, infiltration, pasteurization, ministration, undervaluation, inundation, impregnation, glorification, civilization, crustacean, ovation, ordination, filtration, operation, neutralization, denunciation, desegregation, imputation, demodulation, excavation, enumeration, alleviation, illumination, intimation, affiliation, relocation, celebration, denationalization, overpopulation, irrigation, examination, integration, foliation, declaration, multiplication, christianization, termination, generation, notification, harmonization, fortification, destabilization, incoordination, consultation, fabrication, inclination, preservation, elevation, indexation, damnation, innovation, foundation, misappropriation, hydration, syndication, notation, equivocation, contemplation, medication, exploration, conciliation, affrication, indication, compensation, ovulation, oxidation, presentation, exhalation, confrontation, migration, flirtation, implementation, reincarnation, taxation, consolation, hibernation, obligation, inflation, dilatation, experimentation, specification, remediation, exclamation, proliferation, malformation, cancellation, stalinization, violation, imitation, negation, deformation, destination, nondiscrimination, socialization, proclamation, illustration, urbanization, repudiation, elaboration, salvation, obfuscation, plantation, jubilation, dissipation, segmentation, desperation, nationalization, premeditation, realization, segregation, machination, standardization, dehydration, augmentation, modification, ostentation, telecommunication, navigation, liberalization, dissertation, replication, dehumanization, computation, vilification, hyperinflation, deification, insinuation, differentiation, affectation, population, polarization, revelation, rumination, perforation, reclamation, rededication, expatriation, molestation, confirmation, preoccupation, indentation, relation, compilation, reevaluation, sensation, lubrication, saturation, collectivization, infestation, disinclination, exfoliation, culmination, occupation, certification, protestation, popularization, desalination, gratification, derivation, revitalization, narration, hesitation, reallocation, suburbanization, assimilation, authentication, interpretation, divination, profanation, subordination, sedimentation, arbitration, precipitation, simulation, disinformation, designation, legalization, negotiation, inoculation, generalization, ossification, invitation, equitation, monopolization, fermentation, sanctification, hallucination, annihilation, fixation, depredation, unionization, coronation, transformation, formation, registration, substantiation, rationalization, subsidization, mobilization, agitation, inhabitation, explanation, visualization, qualification, creation, misinterpretation, irritation, germination, procrastination, contamination, inactivation, flotation, demonstration, gentrification, renovation, pigmentation, reconfirmation, congregation, connotation, mineralization, mediation, codification, preparation, equalization, conservation, exhilaration, vibration, liquidation, elimination, indoctrination, manifestation, annexation, legislation, oscillation, modernization, reaffirmation, deforestation, glaciation, appreciation, computerization, maturation, permutation, delineation, expiration, clarification, corporation, solicitation, separation, calculation, recommendation, graduation, maximization, reflation, recuperation, decoration, utilization, renomination, insubordination, incapacitation, irradiation, ionization, degradation, stabilization, optimization, politicization, lactation, reforestation, transplantation, characterization, vocation, observation, amortization, transillumination, balkanization, colonization, mechanization, intoxication, approximation, ventilation, education, detoxification, annotation, installation, association, echolocation, adjudication, gestation, deliberation, deviation, indignation, nucleation, interrogation, purification, corroboration, miscalculation, aggravation, translation, oration, granulation, recrimination, cremation, concatenation, dictation, deprivation, resuscitation, decertification, personalization, localization, demonization, immigration, duplication, tribulation, estimation, corp, expropriation, nomination, demobilization, confiscation, rectification, decentralization, vulgarization, dalmatian, stagnation, constellation, reparation, desecration, strangulation, categorization, elation, calibration, simplification, relaxation, commercialization, disinflation, croatian, recitation, capitulation, falsification, instrumentation, sophistication, renunciation, recreation, appellation, domination, organization, reconciliation, figuration, avocation, invocation, litigation, edification, cultivation, misidentification, discrimination, invalidation, renegotiation, situation, consecration, palpitation, conflagration, evacuation, backwardation, excitation, reaffiliation, vacation, information, hydrogenation, incarnation, delegation, revaluation, identification, nullification, reconfiguration, alienation, communication, fibrillation, demoralization, recantation, motivation, documentation, perpetuation, prefabrication, vindication, accumulation, rotation, fragmentation, degeneration, continuation, adulation, temptation, prostration, deregulation, isolation, coordination, vacillation, meditation, horatian, humiliation, mummification, reorganization, defamation, desiccation, proration, extermination, implantation, vegetation, pronunciation, refrigeration, gastrulation, elongation, gravitation, stagflation, disqualification, fluoridation, pontification, domestication, victimization, sterilization, exasperation, investigation, conjugation, classification, emulation, overvaluation, retardation, probation, fertilization, unification, intimidation, naturalization, refutation, confabulation, miscommunication, agglomeration, miscreation, vaccination, deceleration, miseration, emancipation, reconsideration, facilitation, frustration, tabulation, appropriation, transportation, recertification, regimentation, initiation, ratification, dissemination, predestination, dilation, incorporation, misapplication, improvisation, aviation, aspiration, discontinuation, self-congratulation, laceration, evaporation, personification, reinvigoration, ornamentation, escalation, deflation, saponification, representation, expectation, incantation, emanation, disputation, validation, hybridization, anticipation, appalachian, orchestration, stimulation, extrapolation, recalculation, location, cogitation, sanitation, argumentation, denomination, reinterpretation, quotation, moderation, stipulation, perspiration, sequestration, globalization, allocation, concentration, authorization, approbation, formulation, industrialization, incubation, participation, animation, orientation, distillation, convocation, impersonation, pressurization, duration, configuration, ramification, reverberation, privatisation, devastation, explication, misinformation, affirmation, regulation, menstruation, procreation, amelioration, federation, coagulation, disintegration, manipulation, pacification, condensation, rehabilitation, collaboration, commemoration, privation, rehydration, immunization, desalinization, intensification, miniaturization, consideration, exaggeration, mitigation, fumigation, admiration, redecoration, libration, liberation, intonation, incarceration, reexamination, dedication, organisation, fluctuation, application, reunification, justification, allegation, instigation, resignation, respiration, combination, evaluation, disorganization, cooperation, amplification, exploitation, securitization, sedation, bifurcation, mutilation, depreciation, inauguration, nitration, automation, disorientation, summation, nonproliferation, gyration, demarcation, pollination, alteration, adaptation, inhalation, visitation, specialization, condemnation, reservation, prognostication, adoration, reiteration, magnetization, triangulation, gasification;
  2. nation, haitian, station, ration;
  3. carnation, castration, causation, cetacean, cessation, alsatian, citation;
  4. acclimation, aberration, accusation, abrogation, activation, abdication;
  5. acceleration, abbreviation, accreditation, abomination, accommodation;
  6. alphabetization, acidification, cannibalization, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, americanization, antidiscrimination, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for fascination:

Bengali word for Fascination


Dutch words for Fascination

betovering, fascinatie, bekoring.

French word for Fascination


German word for Fascination


Hindi word for Fascination


Italian word for Fascination


Japanese word for Fascination


Javanese word for Fascination


Norwegian word for Fascination


Polish word for Fascination


Romanian word for Fascination


Vietnamese word for Fascination

niềm đam mê.