How To Spell favor?

Correct spelling: favor

What does the abbreviation favor mean?

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What are the rhymes for favor?

  1. savr, paver, waver, savor, raver, traver, quaver, shaver, waiver, slaver, laver, graver, saver;
  2. aver, braver, flavor, craver;
  3. disfavor, engraver;

What are the translations for favor?

Chinese words for Favor

恩惠, 恩赐, 得宠, 欢心, 恩情, 偏宠.

Dutch words for Favor

plezier, voordeel, gratie, bevoorrechten, van een voorstander zijn, gunstig gezind zijn.

French words for Favor

avantage, complaisance, faveur.

German words for Favor

Gefallen, Service, Profit, bevorzugen, vorziehen, Gunst, favorisieren, Wohlwollen, Huld, Liebesdienst.

Japanese words for Favor

受け, ひいき, こうい, さんせい, 可愛がる, おんたく, ちぐう, めをかける, 恩寵, 引立てる, たのみごと, 芳恩, 歓心, ちょう, おん, 冥利, かわいがる, 恃み, 恩義, かんしん, 厚情, 引立て, みょうり, おんけい, 愛顧, ひきたてる, 恩沢, けんこ, きうけ, 目を掛ける, 潤沢, 恵沢, ほうおん, 引き立てる, けいたく, 承け, あいこ.

Polish word for Favor