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What are the rhymes for fear?

  1. fier, sneer, deer, sheer, cheer, here, fleer, gere, speer, we're, hear, beer, peer, dear, speir, shere, cyr, veer, wier, sphere, cleere, meir, clear, jeer, shear, stear, vere, bere, kear, mear, spear, frere, rear, ear, mere, greer, leer, blear, smear, lear, gier, deere, kier, year, neer, tear, mir, teer, near, sear, pier, nir, geer, steer, gear, sere;
  2. vizier, austere, appear, cashier, amir, rainier, rehear, dornier, sameer, zaire, sincere, emir, wazir, premier, premiere, severe, yasir, revere, unclear, adhere, lazear, veneer, zahir, lanier, inhere, samir, shamir, career, frontier;
  3. bandolier, bombardier, disappear, pioneer, chandelier, chevalier, mutineer, engineer, persevere, domineer, auctioneer, rensselaer, charpentier, racketeer, brigadier, insincere, overhear, profiteer, financier, commandeer, belvedere, reappear, cavalier, pamphleteer, gondolier, interfere, souvenir, volunteer;
  4. reengineer, conventioneer, electioneer;

What are the translations for fear?

Arabic word for Fear


Bengali word for Fear


Chinese words for Fear

恐, 惧, 怕, 畏, 生怕, 畏惧, 打怵.

Dutch word for Fear


French words for Fear

peur, effroi, angoisse, crainte, terreur, frayeur.

German words for Fear

Sorge, Angst, Furcht, Schreck, befürchten, fürchten, Angst haben, Bangnis.

Greek word for Fear


Italian word for Fear


Japanese words for Fear

おそれ, 懸念, 恐怖心, 畏怖, 畏れる, 怖れる, きく, あんじる, ゆうぐ, 不安がる, きょうふ, 不安心, 危ぐ, ふあんがる, きづかい, くふ, ふあんしん, ひやっと, 怖じけ, ぎしん, 危ぶむ, おじけ, 案じる, おそれる, おぞけ, 気遣い, 冷やりと, 恐がる, 怖気, 患い, うれい, しんろう, 畏る, 懼れる, きぐ, あんずる.

Javanese word for Fear


Korean word for Fear


Malay word for Fear


Norwegian word for Fear


Polish words for Fear

strach, lęk, obawa.

Portuguese words for Fear

angústia, medo, receio, recear, ansiedade, insegurança, ter medo de.

Romanian word for Fear


Russian words for Fear

опасение, боязнь, испуг.

Spanish words for Fear

miedo, temor, temer, recelo, tener miedo, sentir temor de, recelar, temerse, pavor, terror.

Swedish word for Fear


Turkish word for Fear


Ukrainian word for Fear


Vietnamese word for Fear

nỗi sợ.