How To Spell feeble?

Correct spelling: feeble

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What is the definition of feeble?

  1. lacking strength or vigor; "damning with faint praise"; "faint resistance"; "feeble efforts"; "a feeble voice"

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What are the rhymes for feeble?

  1. siebel;
  2. enfeeble;

What are the translations for feeble?

Arabic word for Feeble


Chinese words for Feeble

弱, 薄弱, 衰弱, 虚弱的.

Dutch words for Feeble

slab, slap.

French words for Feeble

modeste, pauvre, faibles.

German words for Feeble

unwirksam, zaghaft, matt, schwach, kraftlos, gebrechlich, schlapp, Faible, lahm, lasch, kläglich, wenig überzeugend.

Greek word for Feeble


Italian word for Feeble


Japanese words for Feeble

微弱, 懦弱, よわっちい, 力無い, 惰弱, かよわい, だじゃく, か弱い, ちからない, 堕弱, 力ない.

Korean word for Feeble


Malay word for Feeble


Norwegian word for Feeble


Spanish words for Feeble

flaco, flojo, endeble.

Swedish word for Feeble


Tamil word for Feeble


Turkish word for Feeble