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What are the rhymes for feed?

  1. meade, reseed, misread, heed, impede, reread, freed, recede, lipide, breed, teed, misdeed, friede, keyed, mead, mislead, weed, creed, proceed, screed, deed, dede, need, waleed, supersede, ede, seed, cede, rashid, tweed, shaheed, succeed, skied, bleed, bede, reid, nead, kneed, wied, steed, fried, lead, precede, she'd, secede, read, knead, sneed, reed, leed, swede, saeed, rasheed, indeed, fede, plead, he'd, hamid, brede, we'd, greed, walid, stampede, bead, speed, snead;
  2. agreed, decreed, exceed, gilead, concede, elide, degreed, accede;
  3. aristide, overfeed, intercede, disagreed, guaranteed;

What are the translations for feed?

Arabic word for Feed


Bengali word for Feed


Chinese words for Feed

料, 进给, 进料, 送料, 哺, 喂食, 养活, 供稿, 进纸, 饲, 哺育, 哺养, 喂养.

Dutch words for Feed

invoer, invoeren, aanvoeren, voer, diervoeder, voeden, voederen, toevoer, veevoer, voeder, veevoeder, te eten geven, voorschotelen.

French words for Feed

alimenter, nourrir, flux, se nourrir, engrais, fourrage, aliments, nourriture, tétée, biberon, manger, aliment, téter.

German words for Feed

versorgen, Versorgung, beschicken, Zufuhr, Speisung, Einspeisung, eingeben, zuleiten, transportieren, hegen, Eingabe, bewirten, Transport, Futter, Vorschub, speisen, füttern, einspeisen, Futtermittel, Fütterung, Zulauf, Materialzufuhr, Papierzufuhr, Papierzuführung, sich nähren, verfüttern, abfüttern, abspeisen, atzen, beköstigen, verköstigen.

Greek word for Feed


Hindi word for Feed


Italian words for Feed

alimentazione, avanzamento, mangime, foraggio, nutrire.

Japanese words for Feed

フィード, 飼料, 餌, 給送, えさ, 送り込み, 摂食, あたまだし, 頭だし, 頭出し, おくりこみ, 食物を与える.

Javanese word for Feed


Korean word for Feed

음식(먹이)을 주다.

Malay word for Feed


Marathi word for Feed

अन्न देणे.

Polish words for Feed

posuw, pasza, pokarm, wsad, żywność, pożywienie, matę.

Portuguese words for Feed

alimentação, ração, alimentar-se, sustentar-se, fornecer energia a, dar de comer a, alimentador, forragem.

Romanian word for Feed

a hrăni.

Russian words for Feed

корм, подача, питание, кормить, питать, вскармливать, кормление, входной сигнал, накормить, питаться, откармливать, угощать.

Spanish words for Feed

introducir, mantener, proporcionar, sustento, alimentar, amamantar, comer, nutrir, avivar, pienso, alimento, comida, sustentar, cebar, forraje, mata, dar de comer, dar pecho.

Turkish words for Feed

karma, besleme.

Ukrainian word for Feed


Vietnamese word for Feed

cho ăn.