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How To Spell Fees?

Correct spelling: Fees

List of misspellings for Fees:

  • fwew,
  • fleese,
  • fieds,
  • fewwer,
  • yeers,
  • fuusy,
  • fies,
  • femer,
  • facee,
  • fefers,
  • fthes,
  • feezer,
  • ferece,
  • feris,
  • fearsly,
  • farse,
  • fause,
  • fouas,
  • arfues,
  • ofers,
  • fafsa,
  • fecis,
  • rfies,
  • fethis,
  • fames,
  • fles,
  • fets,
  • foser,
  • heese,
  • feves,
  • firse,
  • 12000feet,
  • feezes,
  • fearse,
  • fense,
  • femaies,
  • feel,
  • dees,
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  • kees,
  • feness,
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  • ffeels.

What does the abbreviation Fees mean?

Related words for Fees

Grotte aux Fées


Geographical feature

The Grotte aux Fées in the cliffs above Saint-Maurice, Switzerland is a natural limestone solution show cave, featuring a 77-metre high underground waterfall, claimed as the world's highest waterfall in a show cave.

Invercargill ILT Velodrome


Stadium in Invercargill

The SIT Zero Fees Velodrome is an indoor velodrome at Invercargill in the South Island of New Zealand. The $11 million velodrome is an indoor complex next to Stadium Southland, built on the western side of the stadium proper.

La Côte-aux-Fées


Municipality in Switzerland

La Côte-aux-Fées is a municipality in the district of Val-de-Travers in the canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

La Roche-aux-Fées


Monument in Essé, France

La Roche-aux-Fées is a Neolithic passage grave, or dolmen located in the commune of Essé, in the French department of Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany. Its name comes from a legend that claims that the stones were placed by fairies. The dolmen consists of more than forty stones forming a corridor four times longer than wide. Its northwest-southeast axis is on an alignment with sunrise at the winter solstice.

Le lac des fées


Opera by Daniel Auber

Le lac des fées is a grand opera in five acts composed by Daniel Auber to a French libretto by Eugène Scribe and Mélesville. The story is set in the Harz Mountains and based on a German ballad.

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Quotes for Fees:

  1. Earlier, I used to charge territories instead of my fees as an actor, but I realised it was better to keep the two apart. Now, I take my fees in cash, for acting, and keep the distribution thing separate.
  2. Larry wanted us to reposition the tower. We wouldn't, and won't. He's been holding back our fees. We want to get paid. And that's it. It'll get solved and we'll carry on with planning Ground Zero.
  3. I make two movies a year to take care of the butcher and the baker and the school fees. Then I try to write, but it's not that easy. Acting is what's easy.
  4. In opera, as with any performing art, to be in great demand and to command high fees you must be good of course, but you must also be famous. The two are different things.
  5. I write screenplays that don't get made and pilots that don't get picked up, and I re -write other people's movies, and those are all different kinds of fees.

Rhymes for Fees:

  1. meis, skis, knees, bees, cheese, neas, squeeze, flees, sprees, she's, breeze, keys, sneeze, jeez, mease, hees, preis, freeze, ease, z's, bes, mees, rees, keas, crees, kees, seize, saez, reis, teas, please, nees, threes, deas, keyes, fleas, geez, feese, trees, tease, dees, seas, vees, glees, frieze, liese, friese, these, deis, beas, sleaze, wheeze, pleas, neis, cees, leas, frees, neese, sees, tees, lees, sies, pease, gies, reas, peas, breese;
  2. trustees, displease, chemise, scorsese, louise, cadiz, ortiz, andries, cds, rupees, chinese, aziz, trapeze, appease, lessees, unease, foresees, pawnees, jaycees, decrees, reprise, trainees, belize, degrees, agrees, burmese, maltese, disease, draftees;
  3. guarantees, taiwanese, sudanese, japanese, javanese, detainees, retirees, inductees, cantonese, journalese, licensees, nepalese, appointees, honorees, disagrees, enrollees, escapees, devotees, expertise, designees, nominees, annamese, conferees, balinese, siamese, overseas, internees, franchisees, enlistees, returnees, ccs, timorese, guaranties, amputees, referees, absentees, sinhalese;
  4. indochinese, stds, interviewees, abts;

Translations for Fees:

Dutch words for Fees

bedragen, vergoedingen, tarieven, prijzen, leges, bijdragen, toeslagen, provisies, taksen, heffingen.

French words for Fees

prix, frais, honoraires, redevances, taxes, commissions, droits, cotisations, rémunérations.

German words for Fees

Kosten, Spesen, Abgaben, Gebühren, Preise, Honorare, Entgelte, Gagen.

Italian words for Fees

compensi, contributi, canoni, imposte.

Polish words for Fees

opłaty, koszty, prowizje, honoraria, taryfy.

Portuguese words for Fees

costas, taxas, comissões, despesas, emolumentos, custos, remunerações, quotas, gratificações, propriedades hereditárias.

Spanish words for Fees

honorarios, cuotas, tasas, derechos, gastos, costes, cargos, costos, tarifas, pagos, precios, comisiones, cánones, encargos, propinas.