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Correct spelling: Fernand


Fernand \f(e)-rna-nd, fer-nand\

bold voyager; adventurer
Fernand as a boy's name is a variant of Ferdinand (Old German) and Fernando (Spanish), and the meaning of Fernand is "bold voyager; adventurer".
Vernon, Vernen, Fernandas, Vernin.

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Examples of usage for Fernand:

  1. One day she told Marie why she was sad; it was the story of Fernand, how he had used her ill. "A Dozen Ways Of Love" , Lily Dougall.
  2. Young Fernand slipped out and went again to the market- place. "A Dozen Ways Of Love" , Lily Dougall.
  3. Now at liberty, fourteen years after his arrest, he renewed an oath of implacable vengeance against Danglars, Fernand, and Villefort. "The World's Greatest Books, Vol III" , Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, Eds..

Rhymes for Fernand:

  1. alcon, alon, amman, anon, antoine, armand, aton, bataan, baton, beyond, bhutan, c'mon, ceylon, chiffon, command, dejohn, demand, demond, dhahran, disband, eldon, elston, evonne, expand, firsthand, forgone, gabon, galvan, golan, hassan, ilan, iran, javan, johan, kahan, koran, lamond, milan, nippon, odds-on, offhand, oman, oran, orran, remand, respond, saigon, salon, sichuan, sorbonne, stephane, taiwan, tehran, toran, unmanned, unplanned, upon, vivyan, walk-on, withstand, yuan, yvonne.
  2. and, band, banned, bland, blond, blonde, bon, bond, bonn, bonne, brand, brande, caan, caen, canned, chand, chon, conde, conn, conned, cron, don, donn, donned, dwan, fanned, fond, frond, fronde, gland, gond, grand, grande, hahn, han, hand, hon, jaan, john, jon, jonn, juan, kahn, khan, kon, kron, kuan, land, lande, lian, lon, manned, mon, monde, non, on, panned, planned, pon, pond, pran, rand, rohn, ron, ronne, sand, sande, scanned, shon, sohn, sonn, spanned, spawn, stand, strand, swan, tanned, tonn, tron, wan, wand, wann, won, xian, xuan, yon.
  3. azerbaijan, misunderstand.
  4. cadogan, christiane, christianne, correspond, denouement, kazakhstan, meadowland, moldovan, rapprochement, teheran, thereupon, understand, whereupon.
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