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Spell Check of FERRARI

Correct spelling: FERRARI


Common misspellings for FERRARI:

ferrarri, farrarri, ferrara, ferarri, ferari, farrari, errrors, fararri, ferrai, ferrarie.

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Examples of usage for FERRARI:

  1. Ceiling painted in fresco by Horace Ferrari. "The South of France--East Half" , Charles Bertram Black.
  2. The church of Santa Maria in Carignano, approached by the Carignano omnibus from the Piazza de Ferrari, passing through the Acqua Sola Gardens, 138 ft. "The South of France--East Half" , Charles Bertram Black.
  3. The best churches and palaces are in the streets extending in a continuous and slightly curved line from the railway station, at the west end, to the Piazza de Ferrari at the eastern end of Genoa. "The South of France--East Half" , Charles Bertram Black.

Quotes for FERRARI:

  1. I must use Ferrari to the maximum. My priority is to get results. Then we will see what happens. - Jean Alesi
  2. I believe to have been one of the rare drivers to have returned to Ferrari. - Jacky Ickx
  3. I do give books as gifts sometimes, when people would rather have one than a new Ferrari. - Dean Koontz
  4. How do Ferrari know what I'm doing next year when I don't know what I'm doing next week? - Valentino Rossi
  5. I will do everything I can to bring the Number One to Ferrari. The whole team and all the fans deserve it. - Michael Schumacher

Rhymes for FERRARI:

  1. abare, atari, bihari.
  2. ari, bari, chary, gari, hari, lauri, laurie, mari, pary.
  3. baldassare, calamari.
  4. harare, imari, lamarre, safari, sari, shari, sharry, sorry, starry, vari, zary.
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