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How To Spell fever?

Correct spelling: fever

What are the misspellings for fever ?

  • favre,
  • nevver,
  • fevr,
  • ofeer,
  • hever,
  • ficve,
  • feuter,
  • fiewer,
  • eiver,
  • novemver,
  • froever,
  • fivver,
  • firve,
  • forveer,
  • youever,
  • tever,
  • bever,
  • meover,
  • faovr,
  • fhave,
  • foever,
  • revear,
  • oever,
  • forwever,
  • faver,
  • feves,
  • fevdr,
  • seevv,
  • fiven,
  • faiver,
  • febver,
  • fevar,
  • hayfever,
  • oveer,
  • fivety,
  • fiffer,
  • dever,
  • feever,
  • kever,
  • deverve,
  • severve,
  • rfever,
  • fevert,
  • newver,
  • faher,
  • fovour,
  • fecver,
  • mever,
  • nnever,
  • feetof,
  • hovever,
  • forverd,
  • geveva,
  • neever,
  • highfive,
  • fver,
  • moveover,
  • furvor,
  • feezer,
  • foreever,
  • everv,
  • rever,
  • nevfer,
  • fefuge,
  • eveer,
  • howevever,
  • gever,
  • fiveive,
  • offeer,
  • neveer,
  • feder,
  • lefover,
  • frevor,
  • fewwer,
  • favure,
  • tuver,
  • vever,
  • feber,
  • forver,
  • faivor,
  • foreaver,
  • fevor,
  • forvever,
  • forevor,
  • feveer,
  • effer,
  • foerever,
  • fefers,
  • favert,
  • fevour,
  • femer,
  • zepher,
  • ovvur,
  • feaver,
  • howevver,
  • iever,
  • facve,
  • forever21,
  • forover,
  • fewcher.

What is the definition of fever?

  1. intense nervous anticipation; "in a fever of resentment"

What does the abbreviation fever mean?

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What are the quotes for fever?

  1. The death clock is ticking slowly in our breast, and each drop of blood measures its time, and our life is a lingering fever.
  2. If you're trying to get someone who's sick with a fever off of a submarine and it's cold and raining outside, the only way in and out of a submarine, generally, is through a fairly narrow hatch.
  3. The second stage set in ten or fifteen days after the bombing. Its first symptom was falling hair. Diarrhea and fever, which in some cases went as high as 106, came next.
  4. At Leeds I've tried to concentrate on my club form, but you get caught up in all the World Cup fever once you come back to Ireland and see all the Irish boys again.
  5. Passion is a sort of fever in the mind, which ever leaves us weaker than it found us.

What are the rhymes for fever?

  1. lever, keever, griever, weaver, reaver, leaver;
  2. beaver, cleaver, cheever;
  3. achiever, receiver, retriever, believer, reliever;
  4. unilever, nonbeliever;

What are the translations for fever?

Afrikaans word for Fever


Arabic word for Fever


Bengali word for Fever


Chinese words for Fever

烧, 热病, 高热病.

Dutch words for Fever

verhoging, koorts.

French words for Fever

peste, fièvre.

German words for Fever

Fieber, Fieberkrankheit, Fieberzustand, Pyrexie.

Greek word for Fever


Hindi word for Fever


Italian word for Fever


Javanese word for Fever


Korean word for Fever


Malay word for Fever


Marathi word for Fever


Polish word for Fever


Portuguese word for Fever


Romanian word for Fever


Spanish words for Fever

fiebre, calentura.

Swedish word for Fever


Turkish word for Fever


Ukrainian word for Fever