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How To Spell fiance?

Correct spelling: fiance

Definition of fiance:

  1. To betroth; to affiance.

List of misspellings for fiance:

  • fanch,
  • furnnace,
  • sciance,
  • fiine,
  • frence,
  • cience,
  • finacila,
  • hince,
  • fanced,
  • naviance,
  • finge,
  • faince,
  • frannce,
  • fionce,
  • pharnacy,
  • fiinance,
  • fininace,
  • fernced,
  • fnacy,
  • firnge,
  • fancyy,
  • biance,
  • feanca,
  • frnce,
  • furnice,
  • finacce,
  • finaced,
  • finace,
  • fanzy,
  • oiunce,
  • finacel,
  • fianced,
  • finaince,
  • fornace,
  • furnace3,
  • refiance,
  • financi,
  • furnaace,
  • funcy,
  • fnale,
  • ivnoice,
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  • finince,
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  • furnance,
  • finnance.

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Quotes for fiance:

  1. A fiance is neither this nor that: he's left one shore, but not yet reached the other.
  2. The first thing I read was of my character on the phone talking to Sydney's fiance. Though short, it was so beautifully written, and it made me laugh. I thought if I wanted to play a character, this would be it.
  3. By the time I get done with my fans and my music and my kids and my family and my fiance and my horses, well, they suffer too, but, I don't really have much time left to do anything else.

Rhymes for fiance:

  1. ne, raye, pei, clay, dray, quai, waye, pay, play, faye, sleigh, shea, grey, way, pray, rae, frey, se, ca, lay, rey, drey, ae, wray, shay, neigh, blay, say, brae, vey, paye, klay, whey, jae, hay, ney, slay, wy, day, tay, cray, khe, stray, dey, kaye, yay, daye, re, hey, jay, stay, k, bay, sze, gway, kay, fe, lei, prey, saye, de, tray, nej, fray, flay, sway, sta, they, dae, fay, may, wei, hwe, yea, nay, tae, graye, bey, haye, lait, fey, brey, ay, gray, ley, mei, ray, mey, wey, maye, bray, cay, che, spray, mae, jaye, weigh, trey, j, gaye, quay;
  2. orsay, ga, crochet, risque, fillet, mackay, buffet, asay, dk, beauvais, millay, ha, hooray, delay, monet, bouquet, ek, mcveigh, repay, replay, passe, moray, rene, nikkei, puree, convey, dismay, defray, mccrea, display, sorbet, nisei, astray, cathay, belay, cache, da, filet, cafe, toupee, saute, essay, b-j, delray, today, array, macrae, gervais, portray, obey, dossier, halfway, betray, purvey, ballet, o'shea, olay, oj, parquet, prepay, valet, mckay, ole, hervey, souffle, sergei, beret, jose, hurray, decay, calais, croquet, renee, levey, abbe, survey, away, okay, carre, allay, chalet, soiree, cliche, bombay, manet;
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