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Spell Check of Fico

Correct spelling: Fico

Definition of Fico:

  1. A snap of the fingers, as much as to say, A fig for you.

Fico \f(i)-co\

Fico as a boy's name. Possibly an Italian short form of Federico.
Vick, Vic, wick.

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Examples of usage for Fico:

  1. In short, I would quarrel, and bounce, and curse a little, if I knew how- But they offer an apology so ample, so irresistible, that there is no demanding to exchange a shot; they present Anna St. Ives as their excuse, and a fico for resentment. – Anna St. Ives by Thomas Holcroft
  2. The world was much more ready to blame others than to amend itself: and he had been almost lately persuaded not to care a fico for the world. – Anna St. Ives by Thomas Holcroft

Rhymes for Fico:

  1. rico, nico, niko, nikko, eco, pico, neco, reco, lico, ceco, beco, biko, teco, ricoh;
  2. chirico, gromyko, persico, errico, enrico, agrico, amico;
  3. pacifico, federico, frederico, alberico, toshihiko, yasuhiko, delmonico;