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How To Spell fiction?

Correct spelling: fiction

Definition of fiction:

  1. a deliberately false or improbable account

List of misspellings for fiction:

  • factior,
  • fictshonal,
  • fixiation,
  • kition,
  • fuckin,
  • fabircation,
  • farication,
  • dicsion,
  • furition,
  • afection,
  • cerfaction,
  • fication,
  • igition,
  • functioon,
  • fition,
  • dicution,
  • kittian,
  • facton,
  • firction,
  • functtion,
  • kitchon,
  • purfication,
  • dictionar,
  • ouction,
  • ficiton,
  • juction,
  • forchon,
  • phycision,
  • sffection,
  • funcation,
  • figian,
  • eveiction,
  • fgashion,
  • effection,
  • affaction,
  • fortion,
  • cection,
  • fection,
  • fision,
  • quition,
  • kitchion,
  • fucntiong,
  • forition,
  • finction,
  • fuision,
  • fachion,
  • affiction,
  • funcution,
  • factin,
  • fivtion,
  • fictiouis,
  • ection,
  • kichion,
  • fanction,
  • fuition,
  • fiktion,
  • fasication,
  • ficton,
  • dication,
  • circuation,
  • fuction,
  • tection,
  • fucnction,
  • meication,
  • rection,
  • ficition,
  • ifection,
  • fabercation,
  • fergusion,
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  • funktion,
  • mercution,
  • sophication,
  • fixion,
  • fation,
  • fluition,
  • fucnation,
  • fution,
  • sicuation,
  • filiation,
  • foutian,
  • decution,
  • ficction,
  • dictionay,
  • ficion,
  • fuitition,
  • ction,
  • fasciation.

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4th World Science Fiction Convention



The 4th World Science Fiction Convention was held August 30-September 1, 1946, at the Park View Manor in Los Angeles, California. Known as "Pacificon I", it was the first time the annual event had been held since 1941, due to the Second World War. The guests of honor were A. E. Van Vogt and E. Mayne Hull. The convention chairman was Walter J. Daugherty. Attendance was approximately 130 members.

7th World Science Fiction Convention



The 7th World Science Fiction Convention, also known as Cinvention, was held September 3–5. 1949, at the Hotel Metropole in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The Guests of Honor were Lloyd A. Eshbach and Ted Carnell. Don Ford carried out the duties of Chairman, but was officially Secretary-Treasurer; Charles R. Tanner had the honorary title of Chairman. Total attendance was approximately 190; noteworthy attendees included Forrest J. Ackerman, Hannes Bok, Lester del Rey. Vince Hamlin. Sam Moskowitz, Rog Phillips, Milton Rothman, "Doc" Smith, and George O. Smith.

Kasamh Se


TV program

Kasamh Se - is an Indian soap opera produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms which aired on Zee TV from 16 January 2006 through 12 March 2009 on Monday through Friday. The story is about three sisters Bani, Pia and Rano.

Prophets of Science Fiction


American television series

Prophets of Science Fiction is an American documentary television series produced and hosted by Ridley Scott for the Science Channel. The program premiered on November 9, 2011. The series covers the life and work of leading science fiction authors of the last couple of centuries.

Public Fiction


Public Fiction is a curatorial project and quarterly publication based in Los Angeles. It was founded in 2010 by Lauren Mackler. Graphic designer and curator Lauren Mackler moved from the east coast to L.A. to open Public Fiction in 2010. Public Fiction resides in an unmarked storefront in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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This graph shows how "fiction" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for fiction:

  1. It's not highly intellectual material. I'm dedicating it to the pulp fiction of the past.
  2. I think film had a terrible effect on horror fiction particularly in the 80s, with certain writers turning out stuff as slick and cliched as Hollywood movies.
  3. I get offered a lot of science fiction work and there is a new project in the pipeline called Master Race, set in World War II, but that's a little way off yet.
  4. I can't read historical fiction because I find the real thing so much more interesting.
  5. Writing fiction has developed in me an abiding respect for the unknown in a human lifetime and a sense of where to look for the threads, how to follow, how to connect, find in the thick of the tangle what clear line persists.

Translations for fiction:

Afrikaans word for Fiction


Arabic word for Fiction

قِصَّةٌ خَيَالِيَّة.

Bengali word for Fiction


Chinese word for Fiction


Dutch word for Fiction


French word for Fiction


German words for Fiction

Annahme, Dichtung, Erfindung, Fiktion, Belletristik, Erdichtung, Erzählliteratur, Prosaliteratur, Romanliteratur, schöngeistige Literatur, erfundene Geschichte.

Greek word for Fiction


Hindi word for Fiction


Italian word for Fiction


Japanese words for Fiction

フィクション, 架空, かくう.

Javanese word for Fiction


Korean word for Fiction


Malay word for Fiction


Norwegian word for Fiction


Polish word for Fiction


Romanian word for Fiction


Russian words for Fiction

фантастика, художественная литература.

Spanish words for Fiction

narrativa, ficción.

Turkish word for Fiction


Ukrainian word for Fiction


Vietnamese word for Fiction

tiểu thuyết.