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How To Spell field?

Correct spelling: field

List of misspellings for field:

  • felied,
  • fizzeled,
  • fieilds,
  • feidl,
  • fuelk,
  • feelt,
  • fauld,
  • fimd,
  • firdt,
  • feltt,
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What does the abbreviation field mean?


the field
Field as a boy's name is a variant of Fielding (Old English), and the meaning of Field is "the field".

Related words for field

Faurot Field


Stadium in Columbia, Missouri

Faurot Field, at Memorial Stadium is a stadium in Columbia, Missouri, United States, on the campus of the University of Missouri. It is primarily used for football and serves as the home field for the Missouri Tigers football program. In 1972, Memorial Stadium's playing surface was named Faurot Field in honor of longtime coach Don Faurot. During the offseason, soccer goals are set up in the end zones and it is used for intramural matches.

Field Music


Rock band

Field Music are a Mercury Prize nominated English rock band from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England, that formed in 2004, particularly active in the Wearside region.

King's Field


Video game series

King's Field is a role-playing video game series developed by FromSoftware. It is known for its brooding atmosphere, labyrinthine dungeons, and difficulty.

Margaret Field


American film actress

Margaret Field was an American film actress usually billed as Maggie Mahoney. The mother of actress Sally Field, she was best known for her work in two science fiction films, The Man from Planet X and Captive Women.

United States women's national field hockey team


The United States women's national field hockey team, coached by Janneke Schopman since 2017, made its first international appearance in 1920 when a touring team visited England, coached by Constance M.K. Applebee.

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Translations for field:

Afrikaans word for Field


Arabic word for Field


Bengali word for Field


Chinese word for Field


Dutch words for Field

terrein, vakgebied, domein, gebied, vlakte, veld.

French words for Field

cadre, rubrique, domaine, champ, gisement, pré, pôle, discipline.

German words for Field

Bereich, Platz, Einsatzgebiet, Land, Einsatzfeld, aufstellen, Gebiet, fangen, Branche, Spielfeld, Feld, Fach, Fachgebiet, Sujet, Fachrichtung, Milieu, Sparte, Fachbereich, Sektor, Zone, Weide, Datenfeld, Acker, Sachgebiet, Rasenplatz, Terrain.

Greek word for Field


Italian words for Field

settore, sfera.

Japanese words for Field

分野, フィールド, 競技場, 野, 野原, 野戦, 野良, きょうぎじょう, はくでん, 野ろ, ぬ, のら, のべ, ぶめん, 白田, のはら, 野辺, 部面, おの, りょういき, しろた, やせん.

Korean word for Field


Norwegian word for Field


Polish words for Field

obszar, domena, zakres, dziedzina, zagon, łan.

Portuguese words for Field

competência, matéria, setor, indústria, domínio, área, disciplina, vertente, especialidade, actividade.

Romanian word for Field


Spanish words for Field

tema, especialidad, campo, recoger, sector, terreno, yacimiento, alinear, rama, esfera, actividad, casilla, ramo, prado, cancha.

Swedish word for Field


Tamil word for Field


Turkish word for Field


Vietnamese word for Field

cánh đồng.