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How To Spell fields?

Correct spelling: fields

List of misspellings for fields:

  • flood disease,
  • fielld,
  • fibliotic,
  • flood sausage,
  • frields,
  • feelds,
  • fulids,
  • fieldsgo,
  • fieldsite,
  • ielts,
  • flelds,
  • felids,
  • firelds,
  • fielsd,
  • fibliothec,
  • airfileds,
  • cihld's,
  • fieald,
  • ffels,
  • flodds,
  • fieilds,
  • feelinds,
  • fliuds,
  • feilders,
  • fibliotics,
  • northfields,
  • daffoldis,
  • fluilds,
  • fileis,
  • firlds,
  • fell deck,
  • feield,
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  • faltic Sea,
  • fieldnames,
  • falletic,
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  • fibliotheca,
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Fields as a boy's name.

Related words for fields

Albert Fields


American actor

Albert Jeunepierre Fields is an American actor and pop singer. He was a Mousketeer on The All New Mickey Mouse Club and a member of the pop group The Party.

Caitlin Fields


Figure skater

Caitlin Fields is an American pair skater. With her skating partner, Ernie Utah Stevens, she is the 2015 U.S. national junior champion and placed fifth at the 2015 World Junior Championships.

Fields Virology


Textbook by Bernard N. Fields

Fields Virology is an English-language virology textbook, published in two volumes, originally edited by Bernard N. Fields. The first edition in 1985 was called Virology, but the book's title was changed from the second edition to Fields Virology.

Neville Fields


Australian rules footballer

Neville Fields is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon and South Melbourne in the Victorian Football League. Fields was a left footed centreman and won Essendon's most improved player award in 1971. He was their best and fairest the following season and represented Victoria in interstate football. After struggling for form throughout 1977 he was traded to South Melbourne for Terry Daniher. In 1981 he returned to Essendon where he spent a further two seasons. Fields's son Tom played two matches for Carlton Football Club in 2015.

Samuel Fields


Samuel Fields was an American who falsely claimed to have been a General in the Union Army during the American Civil War. After 1876, General Fields moved to Deadwood, South Dakota to seek his fortune.

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Rhymes for fields:

  1. shields, yields, wields;

Translations for fields:

Arabic word for Fields


Bengali word for Fields


Dutch words for Fields

disciplines, terreinen, toepassingsgebieden, velden, sectoren, domeinen, gebieden, vakgebieden, vlakken, akkers.

French word for Fields

Les champs.

German words for Fields

weiden, Gefilde, Bereiche, Gebiete, Felder, Fachgebiete, Branchen, Fachrichtungen, Fachbereiche, Einsatzgebiete, Sektoren, Einsatzfelder, Spielfelder.

Greek word for Fields


Hindi word for Fields


Italian word for Fields


Japanese word for Fields


Javanese words for Fields

Lapangan, Pola, Felt.

Korean word for Fields


Malay word for Fields


Portuguese word for Fields


Romanian word for Fields


Russian word for Fields


Spanish words for Fields

tierras, cultivos, campos, espacios, terrenos, plantaciones, ramas, sectores, prados, disciplinas, especialidades, esferas, yacimientos, canchas, praderas, Los campos.

Tamil word for Fields


Turkish word for Fields


Ukrainian word for Fields


Vietnamese word for Fields

lĩnh vực.