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Correct spelling: fields


Fields \fi(el)-ds\

Fields as a boy's name.

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This graph shows how "fields" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for fields:

  1. It was joy for him to be in the company of one who made him feel how splendid a thing was life and how full of interest and beauty the woods, fields and river. "The Princess Pocahontas" , Virginia Watson.
  2. Presently they saw Reddy Fox hurrying across the fields, and behind him in full cry came Bowser the Hound. "The Adventures of Reddy Fox" , Thornton W. Burgess.

Quotes for fields:

  1. But, on the other hand, if Schubert were alive today, he would find even richer fields to plow. - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
  2. The globalization of the capital market is actually part of economic globalization. This will create a change in the entire world economy, not just restricted to some fields in some countries. - Richard Grasso
  3. I was influenced a lot by those around me- there was a lot of singing that went on in the cotton fields. - Willie Nelson
  4. A photographer without a magazine behind him is like a farmer without fields. - Norman Parkinson
  5. A great free joy surges through me when I work... with tense slashes and a few thrusts the beautiful white fields receive their color and the work is finished in a few minutes. - Clyfford Still

Rhymes for fields:

  1. shields, wields, yields.

Idioms for fields:

  1. Fields have eyes, and woods have ears
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