How To Spell fierce?

Correct spelling: fierce

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This graph shows how "fierce" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for fierce?

  1. It was something fierce – Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course by W. B. M. Ferguson

What are the rhymes for fierce?

  1. bierce, pearce, peirce, pierce;

What are the translations for fierce?

Afrikaans word for Fierce


Arabic word for Fierce


Chinese words for Fierce

激烈的, 猛烈, 凶猛, 恶, 恶凶凶, 獠, 威烈, 狰狞, 暴烈, 勐, 凶狂, 凶残, 凶猛的.

French words for Fierce

vif, horrible, intense, violent, féroce, impitoyable, furieux, terrible, ardu, farouche, houleux, torride, féroces.

German words for Fierce

knallhart, heftig, grimmig, wild, leidenschaftlich, erbittert, verschärft, kämpferisch, gnadenlos, ungestüm.

Japanese words for Fierce

壮絶, 熾烈, せいれつ, きょうもう, 梟猛, 凶猛, 陣陣, 凄烈, じんじん, 陣々, 兇猛.

Javanese word for Fierce


Korean word for Fierce


Malay word for Fierce


Polish word for Fierce


Portuguese words for Fierce

forte, fortes, selvagem, ferozes, fervoroso, aceso, agressivo, acalorada, aguerrida, encarniçada, áspera.

Romanian word for Fierce


Russian words for Fierce

свирепый, ожесточённый, лютый.

Spanish words for Fierce

duro, intenso, salvaje, agreste, acalorado, feroz, fiero, violento, encarnizado, férrea, hostil.

Swedish word for Fierce


Turkish word for Fierce


Vietnamese word for Fierce

dữ tợn.