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How To Spell figure?

Correct spelling: figure

List of misspellings for figure:

  • igure,
  • faikure,
  • figureing,
  • figureed,
  • feachure,
  • 6figure,
  • figuer,
  • figurd,
  • figgures,
  • figurerd,
  • foure,
  • fiquare,
  • kiguori,
  • firguired,
  • figutre,
  • ligerie,
  • firgure,
  • figude,
  • cigare,
  • figued,
  • forgurey,
  • figure1,
  • figurer,
  • futiure,
  • fuigure,
  • faluire,
  • fgures,
  • figher,
  • fgure,
  • figura,
  • figue,
  • fiqures,
  • tigre,
  • fiture,
  • regure,
  • figureine,
  • minfigure,
  • figred,
  • figueres,
  • argure,
  • fague,
  • figuiring,
  • minifigure,
  • fugure,
  • fighured,
  • fiduiary,
  • fiducary,
  • figuered,
  • filure,
  • figuers,
  • figner,
  • figer,
  • fiogure,
  • feaure,
  • fucture,
  • figire,
  • ficture,
  • figur,
  • figour,
  • figre,
  • figuerd,
  • foguth,
  • fugures,
  • fingure,
  • fighre,
  • figues,
  • fiqured,
  • figgerd,
  • figur1,
  • fuchure,
  • fidicuary,
  • falure,
  • fibire,
  • fuigered,
  • cirgury,
  • favure,
  • figurs,
  • fiore,
  • fracure,
  • futcure,
  • foture,
  • liguori,
  • flaiure,
  • filigre,
  • figgured,
  • fiigure,
  • failrue,
  • figgure,
  • fiigre,
  • furniure,
  • figuar,
  • figureout,
  • fuure,
  • figres,
  • fearure,
  • figuire,
  • figuare,
  • fuiture,
  • figrut,
  • fiugure.

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Quotes for figure:

  1. As the poet said, 'Only God can make a tree,' probably because it's so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.
  2. I'm plagued with indecision in my life. I can't figure out what to order in a restaurant.
  3. I think I felt that I was very well known for my figure and needed to keep that up for my work. And I regret all of it. I felt fraudulent and very shameful.
  4. Focused. I'm a hustler. And my hustle is trying to figure out the best ways to do what I like without having to do much else.
  5. Mayor Koch, of New York, was the first public figure to give me support.

Rhymes for figure:

  1. disfigure, configure;
  2. reconfigure;

Translations for figure:

Afrikaans words for Figure

aantal, getal.

Arabic word for Figure


Bengali word for Figure


Catalan word for Figure


Chinese words for Figure

算, 数, 人物, 数目, 图形, 身影, 外形, 体形, 身态, 纹饰, 身才, 筭, 统计数字.

Dutch words for Figure

afbeelding, waarde, cijfer, figuur, grafiek, bedrag, verschijning, gestalte, cijfer.

French word for Figure


German words for Figure

berechnen, Wert, Betrag, Darstellung, beziffern, Stelle, Gestalt, Figur, erscheinen, auftauchen, Kennzahl, Abbildung, Zahl, kapieren, denken, Bild, Zeichen, Statur, Grafik, Diagramm, Ziffer, verzieren, bemalen, figurieren, Chiffre, imaginär.

Greek word for Figure


Hindi word for Figure


Italian words for Figure

valore, immagine, importo, illustrazione.

Japanese words for Figure

姿, 形容, 数字, 図表, 図形, 像, 容, 姿体, すがたかたち, 象貌, からだつき, 体付き, すうじ, しょうぼう, 体つき, 思い描く, けいしょう, がら, ものかげ, かたち.

Javanese word for Figure


Malay word for Figure


Norwegian word for Figure


Polish words for Figure

rysunek, mieć znaczenie, cyfra, liczba, ilustracja, rycina, sylwetka, grać rolę, figurować, zafigurować.

Portuguese words for Figure

desenho, linha, achar, personagem, vulto, algarismo, quantia, aparência, corpo, imagem, soma, percentagem, silhueta, personalidade, ilustração, porcentagem.

Romanian words for Figure

figură, cifră.

Russian word for Figure


Spanish words for Figure

figurar, tasa, precio, delinear, valor, calcular, cantidad, importe, representar, formar, forma, figura, papel, aparecer, imaginarse, estimar, cifra, número, personaje, figurarse, dibujo, suma, pensar, talle, cuerpo, silueta, dígito.

Swedish word for Figure


Tamil word for Figure


Turkish word for Figure


Ukrainian word for Figure


Vietnamese word for Figure

con số.