How To Spell fill?

Correct spelling: fill

What does the abbreviation fill mean?

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What are the rhymes for fill?

  1. hill, shrill, trill, til, quill, skill, frill, krill, shill, il, mil, hille, stil, dill, twill, brill, lill, pil, spill, lil, sill, pill, jill, mille, will, fil, ville, thill, grill, wil, till, rill, phil, bill, zill, zil, lille, fril, swill, drill, ill, mill, grille, nil, thrill, gill, we'll, bil, nill, still, prill, gil, jil, sil, chill;
  2. demille, fulfill, distil, brazil, refill, bastille, instill, uphill, abril, seville, goodwill, distill, until, belleville, sunil;

What are the translations for fill?

Afrikaans word for Fill


Arabic word for Fill


Bengali word for Fill

পূরণ করা.

Chinese words for Fill

填写, 充, 占滿.

Dutch word for Fill


French words for Fill

pourvoir, occuper, remplir, combler, gonfler, servir, garnir, percevoir, boucher, envahir.

German words for Fill

besetzen, stopfen, ausstopfen, spachteln, vollstopfen, sich füllen, beseelen, befüllen, verspachteln, verkitten, Schüttung.

Greek word for Fill


Hindi word for Fill


Italian word for Fill


Japanese words for Fill

盛り土, フィル, 注ぐ, 濺ぐ, もりつち, 漑ぐ, 灌ぐ, もりど, そそぐ, 潅ぐ, 塞げる, いっぱいにする.

Korean word for Fill

...을 ...으로 채우다.

Malay word for Fill


Marathi word for Fill


Norwegian word for Fill


Polish word for Fill


Portuguese words for Fill

suprir, prover, preencher, encher, colmatar.

Romanian word for Fill

a umple.

Russian words for Fill

заполнять, наполнять, наполняться.

Spanish words for Fill

cumplir, ocupar, satisfacer, atender, proveer, cargar, cubrir, tapar, rellenar, despachar, llenar, envasar, cumplimentar, llenarse, empastar, relleno, completar, llenado, henchirse, suplir, saciar.

Swedish word for Fill


Tamil word for Fill


Turkish words for Fill

ısı, doldurmak.

Ukrainian word for Fill


Vietnamese word for Fill

làm đầy.