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How To Spell financier?

Correct spelling: financier

Definition of financier:

  1. conduct financial operations, often in an unethical manner

List of misspellings for financier:

  • finaincial,
  • finiancil,
  • finanice,
  • fininace,
  • financeing,
  • fanance,
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Related words for financier

Janet Ruttenberg



Janet K. Ruttenberg is an American painter and the widow of New York financier Derald Ruttenberg. She works mostly in plein air in Central Park on oversize canvas. She had her first museum exhibition in 2013 at the Museum of the City of New York. She expressed that had not been interested in exhibiting her work prior to this show.

Le Saventier et le Financier


Le financier et le savetier is a one-act opérette bouffe of 1856 with words by Hector Crémieux and Edmond About, and music by Jacques Offenbach, based on the poem by La Fontaine.

Leszek Cichy


Polish mountaineer

Leszek Cichy is a Polish mountaineer, geodesist, financier, and entrepreneur. He was born in Pruszków, Poland on November 14, 1951.

Peter Shapiro



Peter Shapiro is a financial services executive, member of the Board of Directors of New Israel Fund and former politician from New Jersey.

Walter Boyd


British financier

Walter Boyd was a British financier.

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Quotes for financier:

  1. A financier is a pawnbroker with imagination.
  2. I maintain that many an inventor, many a diplomat, many a financier is a sounder philosopher than all those who practice the dull craft of experimental psychology.

Rhymes for financier:

  1. hear, sear, dear, bere, fear, veer, neer, fleer, smear, nir, tear, shear, pier, year, gear, spear, blear, teer, mere, meir, wier, kier, beer, clear, sere, mear, cheer, greer, rear, gere, near, mir, deer, shere, ear, deere, here, vere, peer, geer, speir, fier, leer, sneer, stear, frere, cleere, speer, sheer, gier, cyr, lear, jeer, we're, steer, kear, sphere;
  2. inhere, adhere, frontier, premiere, appear, austere, zahir, lazear, dornier, veneer, rehear, revere, sincere, career, sameer, vizier, wazir, shamir, emir, rainier, premier, unclear, severe, zaire, lanier, yasir, amir, cashier, samir;
  3. cavalier, reappear, overhear, disappear, rensselaer, insincere, souvenir, profiteer, domineer, mutineer, chevalier, gondolier, auctioneer, pioneer, bandolier, belvedere, bombardier, charpentier, brigadier, interfere, racketeer, commandeer, chandelier, persevere, engineer, pamphleteer, volunteer;
  4. conventioneer, electioneer, reengineer;

Translations for financier:

Afrikaans word for Financier


Arabic word for Financier


Bengali word for Financier


Chinese word for Financier

> 提供资金者.

Dutch words for Financier

geldschieter, kapitaalverschaffer, geldgever.

French word for Financier


German word for Financier


Greek word for Financier


Hindi word for Financier


Italian words for Financier

finanziere, finanziatore.

Japanese words for Financier

りざいか, 財政家, 理財家, 出金者, 財界人, 貸し元, フィナンシア, 資本家, かしもと, 金融業者, ざいかいじん, しゅっきんしゃ, きんゆうぎょうしゃ, ざいせいか, しほんか, しゅっししゃ, 出資者, 融資者.

Korean word for Financier


Malay word for Financier


Marathi word for Financier


Norwegian word for Financier


Polish word for Financier


Portuguese word for Financier


Romanian word for Financier


Russian word for Financier


Spanish word for Financier


Swedish word for Financier


Tamil word for Financier


Turkish word for Financier


Ukrainian word for Financier


Vietnamese word for Financier

người xuất vốn.