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Correct spelling: fine

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fine, rine.


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Examples of usage for fine:

  1. Fine L. finis, end) denotes that which has been brought to a full end, finished. From this root- sense many derived meanings branch out, causing words quite remote from each other to be alike synonyms of fine That which is truly finished, brought to an ideal end, is excellent of its kind, and beautiful, if a thing that admits of beauty; as, a fine house, fine trees, a fine woman, a fine morning; if a thing that admits of the removal of impurities, it is not finished till these are removed, and hence fine signifies clarified, clear, pure, refined; as, fine gold. That which is finished is apt to be polished, smooth to the touch, minutely exact in outline; hence fine comes to be a synonym for all words like dainty, delicate, exquisite; as, fine manners, a fine touch, fine perceptions. As that which is delicate is apt to be small, by an easy extension of meaning fine becomes a synonym for slender, slight, minute, comminuted; as, a fine thread, fine sand; or for filmy, tenuous, thin; as, a fine lace, fine wire; and as a thin edge is keen, sharp, fine becomes also a synonym for these words; as, a fine point, a fine edge. Compare BEAUTIFUL; MINUTE. –  by
  2. Cousin Louis will be there, you know, put in Edna's father, and you'll have fine times together. –  by
  3. They tell me that they are very fine –  by