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How To Spell fine?

Correct spelling: fine

What are the misspellings for fine ?

  • cafene,
  • difne,
  • foriener,
  • fagen,
  • phine,
  • fionca,
  • fianc,
  • hine,
  • phnoe,
  • fing,
  • finna,
  • fingeer,
  • finaize,
  • finane,
  • firnace,
  • foiegn,
  • zine,
  • ivine,
  • finsh,
  • funerl,
  • finshe,
  • oine,
  • foney,
  • fiven,
  • fanie,
  • finda,
  • fike,
  • finshi,
  • dine,
  • fingin,
  • fingure,
  • foiren,
  • fider,
  • phione,
  • fiteen,
  • finel,
  • fiine,
  • finil,
  • fince,
  • fenel,
  • finyl,
  • cafeine,
  • fnale,
  • fiyou,
  • fitey,
  • fammine,
  • fine,
  • firen,
  • mine,
  • find,
  • eine,
  • finey,
  • figer,
  • finner,
  • finly,
  • finf,
  • hwne,
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  • dfin,
  • finge,
  • fying,
  • fionce,
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  • ffice,
  • fcae,
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  • femmine,
  • fnite,
  • cafine,
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  • vinue,
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  • givne,
  • firnge,
  • funey,
  • finoa,
  • forien,
  • finers,
  • fuuny,
  • mufin,
  • furnel,
  • tine,
  • finace,
  • ginue,
  • firned,
  • defiene,
  • fire,
  • phpne,
  • feice.

What is the definition of fine?

  1. in a delicate manner; "finely shaped features"; "her fine drawn body"

What does the abbreviation fine mean?

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What are the quotes for fine?

  1. While there are many wonderful police investigators out there doing some very fine work, the majority of the time it is not brains that catches serial killers.
  2. We have the Fine Guidance Sensors, one of which we will exchange out of three. Another one we changed on the last servicing mission, and on the fourth servicing mission in 2003 or 2004, the third one will be exchanged.
  3. Rain is also very difficult to film, particularly in Ireland because it's quite fine, so fine that the Irish don't even acknowledge that it exists.
  4. Daniel was a wonderful and trustworthy partner. And a fine prankster as well.
  5. Filmmaking can be a fine art.

What are the translations for fine?

Afrikaans word for Fine


Chinese word for Fine


Dutch words for Fine

aardig, dun, mooi, fijn, hoogwaardig, goed, boete, bekeuring, uitstekend, schoon, fraai, subtiel, geldboete, dwangsom, geldstraf.

French words for Fine

correct, excellent, bien, tendre, beau, parfait, fini, magnifique, sanction, fin, amende, contravention, finement, condamner à une amende, donner une contravention à, donner une contravention, superbe, mettre une amende à, raffinés, très bien, splendide, fine.

German words for Fine

Gut, zart, Bon, ausgezeichnet, elegant, prima, klein, fein, edel, dünn, prachtvoll, Geldstrafe, Strafe, Bußgeld, mit einer Geldstrafe belegen, subtil, Mandat, stattlich, feinkörnig, vornehm, feinsinnig, fisselig, Geldbuße, Mahngebühr, Buße, Ordnungsstrafe, Strafgeld, Ordnungsgeld, Zwangsgeld, mit einer Geldstrafe bestrafen, prächtig.

Greek word for Fine


Italian words for Fine

sottile, ammenda, sanzione, sanzione amministrativa, pregiato.

Japanese words for Fine

細かい, 良い, いい, よろしい, みつ, ご立派, うららか, 善し, せんさい, 宜い, 好し, こまかい, こまか, ばっきん, 良し, 体の良い, 密, 宜しい, ささら, 彩やか, 好個, 体のよい, 吉い, 晴朗, えし, 佳い, さざれ, ゆうりょう, ごりっぱ, 体のいい, はんそくきん, 見事な.

Javanese word for Fine


Korean word for Fine


Malay word for Fine


Norwegian word for Fine


Polish words for Fine

grzywna, kara.

Portuguese words for Fine

claro, bom, belo, tênue, multar, coimar, certo, perfeito, interessante, linda, requintado, atrativo, requintada, nobres, refinada, finíssimo, lindas, correctas, positivas, aceitáveis, de primeira categoria, pictórico.

Romanian word for Fine


Russian word for Fine

очень хороший.

Spanish words for Fine

preciso, correcto, delicado, suave, bueno, buen, superior, delgado, elegante, fino, excelente, multa, sanción, muy bien, agradable, bonito, lindo, hermoso, bello, maravilloso, estupendo, sutil, pena, perfecto, positivo, coima, placentero, refinado.

Turkish word for Fine


Welsh word for Fine