How To Spell fire?

Correct spelling: fire

What is the definition of fire?

  1. provide with fuel; "Oil fires the furnace"

What does the abbreviation fire mean?

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What are the rhymes for fire?

  1. rewire, myer, sire, grier, prier, tyer, require, frier, hier, plier, friar, shier, pyre, supplier, meyer, mire, prior, cryer, wyre, eyer, dyer, ire, hire, fryer, mcguire, tyre, dryer, wire, eir, mcgwire, pryer, squier, gyr, pryor, tire, transpire, safire, dwyer, gire, quire, liar, perspire, rehire, shire, retire, inspire, misfire, swire, flier, flyer, viar, dwire, squire, higher, spire, meier, dire, lyre, drier, maguire, stier, trier, mier;
  2. briar, aspire, expire, brier, admire, inquire, buyer, afire, crier, choir;
  3. denier, reacquire, acquire, entire, enquire, conspire, desire, attire;

What are the translations for fire?

Afrikaans word for Fire


Arabic words for Fire

ELD, نار.

Chinese words for Fire

火, 火警, 大火, 火力, 燧, 煚, 燨.

Dutch words for Fire

vuur, in brand steken, doen ontvlammen, schieten, stoken, afvuren.

French words for Fire

feu, allumer, tirer, incendie, licencier, renvoyer, faire feu, virer, tirs, embraser, ficher.

German words for Fire

abgeben, abfeuern, anfeuern, entlassen, abziehen, brennen, feuern, Brand, Feuer, befeuern, hinauswerfen, Glut, Beschuss, Flamme, Brandstelle, verschießen, böllern.

Japanese words for Fire

火, 火事, 火気, 射撃, ひのて, かさい, ファイア, 砲火, かっき, ファイヤ, 炒る, かくす, 馘す, くびきる, ほうか, 馘る, こうどうりょく, かき, 剄る, 放り出す, 行動力, 首斬る, とばす, しゃげき, 熬る, 押放り出す, 煎る, 火の手, かじ, 首切る.

Javanese word for Fire


Malay word for Fire


Portuguese words for Fire

atirar, fogo, incêndio, lume, chama.

Romanian word for Fire


Russian words for Fire

огонь, пожар, пожарный, огненный, костёр.

Spanish words for Fire

lanzar, estimular, despedir, disparar, calentar, hoguera, fuego, encender, iluminar, efectuar, incendio, estufa, prender, entusiasmo, ardor, llama, fogata, lumbre.