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How To Spell fits?

Correct spelling: fits

List of misspellings for fits:

  • feutus,
  • fitst,
  • lits,
  • feidls,
  • wfirst,
  • facites,
  • oits,
  • dit's,
  • fictius,
  • fiews,
  • fities,
  • fiftys,
  • fitess,
  • itws,
  • firsy,
  • cit's,
  • fcats,
  • fidns,
  • fiturs,
  • its,
  • beafits,
  • fphotos,
  • fieds,
  • fts,
  • liits,
  • fids,
  • fitm,
  • fuity,
  • fitest,
  • faty's,
  • phtos,
  • lfuids,
  • fiss,
  • mits,
  • fitnnes,
  • fthes,
  • rits,
  • futurs,
  • fiights,
  • filds,
  • fhtis,
  • frtiz,
  • fuits,
  • 12bits,
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  • figts,
  • fifites,
  • fite,
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What does the abbreviation fits mean?

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Fits of Gloom


Musical group

Fits Of Gloom is an Italian music project of the early 1990s. They had a 1994 hit with Heaven, which made #47 on the UK Singles Chart and a #49 hit with The Power of Love featuring Lizzy Mack.

Giving Them Fits


1915 film

Giving Them Fits is a 1915 short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd. It was the first film to team up Lloyd with Snub Pollard and Bebe Daniels.

No Size Fits All


Book by Michael S. Malone

No Size Fits All: From Mass Marketing to Mass Handselling is a 2009 book by Tom Hayes and Michael S. Malone.

One Lie Fits All


Album by One Minute Silence

One Lie Fits All is the third album from One Minute Silence. It was released on 7 July 2003. Produced by John Leckie, it was the band's last album before they announced their breakup in October 2003 and never enjoyed a supporting tour, unlike the two EP's which came during the anticipation for the album release.

The Greatest Fits


Album by Headstones

The Greatest Fits is the 2001 greatest hits album by Canadian rock band, Headstones. The compilation features two new tracks, "Blowtorch" and "Come On". "Come On" was used as the theme for the Canadian sketch show Comedy Inc..

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This graph shows how "fits" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for fits:

  1. The newspaper fits the reader's program while the listener must fit the broadcaster's program.
  2. Fits did not go over well in my house. There was a lot of discipline and obedience and you had to be very ladylike. Ladies didn't curse and I still don't curse in front of my parents.
  3. A gloomy guest fits not a wedding feast.
  4. But I think the possibility of a black and white society feeding each other's expertises, living harmoniously, will probably go along in fits and starts now but at least it has a great constitution now to back it up.
  5. But, somewhere in there, I did have the thought that this really fits in with my thinking about what I wanted to do; with what has to be done by a writer in order to stay alive as a writer.

Rhymes for fits:

  1. fitz, skits, quits, slits, gets, spits, witz, sits, lits, wits, kits, blitz, frits, grits, glitz, spitz, writs, mitts, brits, litts, fritz, pits, ritz, chits, kitts, sitts, its, splits, hits, it's, schmitz, bits, knits, witts;
  2. emits, submits, obits, admits, permits, omits, commits, befits, moritz, transmits, acquits;

Translations for fits:

Dutch words for Fits

aanvallen, pasvormen, buien, vlagen, toevallen, convulsies, stuipen, stuiptrekkingen, bevliegingen, opwellingen.

French words for Fits

accès, ajustements, coupes, crises, quintes, spasmes.

German words for Fits

Anfälle, Grillen, Passformen, Passungen.

Spanish words for Fits

ajustes, ataques, arrebatos.