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Spell Check of flak

Correct spelling: flak


Common misspellings for flak:

lak, lkj, laik.

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This graph shows how "flak" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for flak:

  1. He was sure he would get in a burst, when suddenly a burst of flak from a ground battery enveloped him. "A Yankee Flier in Italy" , Rutherford G. Montgomery.

Quotes for flak:

  1. Up until about 12 years ago we never, ever, wore flak jacket or helmets but now the nastiness has got worse. - Kate Adie
  2. Do I catch flak because I'm so much smarter than everyone else? I don't know. - Brett Hull
  3. I got a lot of flak for having Kirk as the lead because they all claimed it was a much harder sell, but no one else could have done that part for many reasons. - Donal Logue
  4. Amidst all the clutter, beyond all the obstacles, aside from all the static, are the goals set. Put your head down, do the best job possible, let the flak pass, and work towards those goals. - Donald Rumsfeld
  5. I grew up in Dallas, with cowboys. I was the only guy in sixth grade with long hair and an earring. Let's just say I got a lot of, er, flak for being different. - Barry Watson

Rhymes for flak:

  1. aback, arrack, attack, knick-knack, repack.
  2. ack, akc, back, bak, black, brac, brack, braque, cac, caq, clack, crack, dac, dack, fac, flack, hack, haq, jac, jack, knack, lac, lack, lak, mac, mack, mak, nack, pac, pack, pak, paque, plack, plaque, quack, rack, rak, sac, sack, sak, shack, shaq, slack, smack, snack, spak, stac, stack, tac, tack, tak, trac, track, trak, unpack, wack, whack, wrack, yack, yak, zach, zack, zak.
  3. dak.

Idioms for flak:

  1. get/ take ( the) flak
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