How To Spell flee?

Correct spelling: flee

What is the definition of flee?

  1. To keep at a distance from.

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What are the rhymes for flee?

  1. referee, eap, ye, guarani, d, li, pawnee, b, jessee, debris, rea, thi, lp, franchisee, loree, plea, free, licensee, draftee, mc, g, oversea, lxi, p, je, qi, kea, jee, hee, henri, fop, foresee, ze, smee, xie, ofc, appointee, mee, ne, lee, gee, odp, mpg, rosalee, knee, honoree, chea, rb, sci, wee, markee, fi, deportee, flea, mcghee, mi, bee, ot, v, yi, goatee, cod, brea, qui, dupree, brie, yee, klee, glee, njt, syp, tennessee, guarantee, guaranty, jaycee, vendee, m3, ip, cd, slee, ged, tv, valoree, crea, snee, de, tea, quai, ki, shri, spie, gutsy, te, yie, the, capri, mme, yangtze, oad, curie, trainee, marie, cree, sze, undersea, emcee, magee, t, fsi, nic, z, internee, pattee, atp, bibi, kee, prix, ve, bui, ranee, spree, bea, louie, tree, lessee, enrollee, c3, mt, apc, banshee, designee, dsv, re, mit, dundee, cc, sep, nestle, tyree, marquis, ti, blea, vi, nominee, lea, he, lsd, rupee, shi, andree, ski, lavie, devotee, pri, bbc, zee, mcgee, mea, enlistee, potpourri, ib, inductee, detainee, zea, c, chablis, thierry, musee, sheree, ddt, ji, nabil, sea, conferee, sie, nie, khe, cie, waikiki, kyi, vee, ree, cac, dea, she, disagree, degree, whoopee, ravi, resignee, repartee, tee, cat-3, bourgeoisie, xi, trustee, nee, indri, tenn, nghi, retiree, tse, three, ee, id, leigh, rosemarie, cxc, me, be, jie, quay, marquee, gyi, chee, thee, fee, bt, cyb, sightsee, ab, ghee, dee, bree, esprit, parolee, pea, si, escapee, pree, see, yippee, sri, key, we, se, jubilee, decree;
  2. agree, ac, achee, albee, abee, alee, adee;
  3. addressee, absentee, amc, adoptee, adoree, amputee, abt;
  4. irit, hnat, interviewee, geac, knbc, lapd;
  5. awb;

What are the translations for flee?

Arabic word for Flee


Bengali word for Flee


Dutch word for Flee


French words for Flee

abandonner, partir, filer, quitter, fuir, s'enfuir, se réfugier, prendre la fuite, se sauver, déguerpir, fuguer, détaler, prendre la poudre d'escampette, se tirer, prendre ses jambes à son cou.

German words for Flee

entgehen, fliehen, abhauen, entfliehen, enteilen.

Greek word for Flee

τρέπομαι σε φυγή.

Italian word for Flee


Javanese word for Flee


Korean word for Flee


Marathi word for Flee

पळून जा.

Norwegian words for Flee

fly, flykte.

Polish word for Flee


Portuguese words for Flee

sair, fugir, escapulir-se, evadir-se, dar à sola.

Romanian word for Flee

a fugi.

Russian word for Flee

спасаться бегством.

Spanish words for Flee

abandonar, huir, escapar, fugarse, escaparse, esfumarse, rehuir, marcharse, sumir, darse a la fuga, afufarse, aventarse, ahuyentarse.

Tamil word for Flee


Ukrainian word for Flee