How To Spell fleece?

Correct spelling: fleece

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This graph shows how "fleece" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for fleece?

  1. Is it a matter of no concern whether a man can fake a story about having discovered the North Pole, receive the homage of the world, fleece the American public out of thousands of dollars for fees to hear his lecture and go unpunished? – My Attainment of the Pole by Frederick A. Cook

What are the rhymes for fleece?

  1. greece, seis, nice, suisse, neiss, pease, feasts, priests, lease, cece, gees, leese, tese, reese, crease, piece, peace, reece, grease, leece, geese, rease, niece, cease, speece;
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What are the translations for fleece?

Arabic word for Fleece

صُوفُ الـخُرُوف.

Bengali word for Fleece

ভেড়ার লোম.

Chinese word for Fleece


Dutch words for Fleece

schapenvacht, schaapsvacht.

French words for Fleece

toison, polaire, molleton.

German words for Fleece

scheren, Fell, Velo, Fleece, Vlies, schröpfen, übervorteilen, Schur, Flausch, Vliesstoff, Schaffell, Webpelz.

Greek word for Fleece


Hindi word for Fleece


Japanese word for Fleece


Korean word for Fleece


Malay word for Fleece


Marathi word for Fleece


Norwegian word for Fleece


Polish word for Fleece


Portuguese words for Fleece

esfolar, tosquiar, extorquir, velocino, depenar.

Romanian word for Fleece


Russian words for Fleece

флис, руно, начёс.

Spanish words for Fleece

engañar, lana, polar, vellón, forro polar, vellocino.

Swedish word for Fleece


Tamil word for Fleece


Turkish word for Fleece


Ukrainian word for Fleece

овеча вовна.

Vietnamese word for Fleece

vải fleece.