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Correct spelling: Flemming

Flemming \f-lemmi-ng, fl(em)-ming\

man from Flanders
Flemming as a boy's name is a variant of Fleming (Old English), and the meaning of Flemming is "man from Flanders".
Flemyng, Flemmyng.

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Examples of usage for Flemming:

  1. From the letter to Michaelsen we should imagine that he went to Halle as soon as possible; the only authentic document which gives us any date is a letter from Count Flemming a court functionary at Dresden, to Melusine von Schulenburg, daughter of George I's mistress the Duchess of Kendal, who in 1733 married Lord Chesterfield. – Handel by Edward J. Dent
  2. Count Flemming was evidently vain of his own musicianship, and this made him feel all the more hurt at Handel's obstinate refusal to accept his invitations. – Handel by Edward J. Dent
  3. To mention Austria and Germany, is to recall Langermann, Feuchtersleben, Reil, Friedreich, Jacobi, Zeller, Griesinger, Roller, and Flemming who, full of years and honours, has now passed away. – Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles by Daniel Hack Tuke

Rhymes for Flemming:

  1. lemming, leming, hemming, deming, stemming, heming, fleming;
  2. condemning;