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How To Spell Flew?

Correct spelling: Flew

Definition of Flew:

  1. Past tense of the verb fly.

List of misspellings for Flew:

  • faoley,
  • folluw,
  • fiews,
  • filll,
  • ifell,
  • flewn,
  • flooer,
  • fnale,
  • failer,
  • flow,
  • falle,
  • felow,
  • fiale,
  • foollw,
  • fleel,
  • falll,
  • falen,
  • fyler,
  • fooler,
  • flawd,
  • flwo,
  • lew,
  • fulyy,
  • fillee,
  • folllw,
  • felll,
  • falloew,
  • fiule,
  • faileur,
  • furlow,
  • faloww,
  • flooe,
  • feelo,
  • flouer,
  • fiell,
  • fkew,
  • flaier,
  • flex,
  • malew,
  • yollew,
  • fwew,
  • feloow,
  • fallwo,
  • falecy,
  • fuiel,
  • fellw,
  • fowlow,
  • offle,
  • falow,
  • ouflow,
  • furwe,
  • lfow,
  • follw,
  • fgeel,
  • failef,
  • falue,
  • flw,
  • follwo,
  • fulley,
  • pheww,
  • folen,
  • ffelp,
  • floww,
  • safley,
  • folloew,
  • fles,
  • fluw,
  • fornew,
  • flet,
  • floer,
  • feell,
  • foolw,
  • foloow,
  • felloew,
  • filee,
  • folow,
  • feeel,
  • sufle,
  • faule,
  • foely,
  • feale,
  • foyler,
  • fjeo,
  • felel,
  • flder,
  • wlel,
  • fflow,
  • follwe,
  • cfoollw,
  • fewly,
  • fulll,
  • fiile,
  • flead,
  • frew,
  • fellwo,
  • folley,
  • feeley,
  • failey,
  • fiew,
  • feekl.

What does the abbreviation Flew mean?

Related words for Flew

One Flew South


Musical group

One Flew South was an American country music group composed of Eddie Bush, Chris Roberts, and Royal Reed, all three of whom sing lead vocals and play acoustic guitar.

Planes That Never Flew


TV series

Planes That Never Flew is a Discovery Channel documentary series about experimental aircraft projects that never flew. Over four one-hour episodes, the series examined the history behind aborted projects to build two jet fighters, a supersonic transport, and a nuclear-powered long range bomber.

Robert Newton Flew


Robert Newton Flew was an English Methodist minister and theologian, and an advocate of ecumenism among the Christian churches.

Savoia-Marchetti SM.75


Aircraft model

The Savoia-Marchetti SM.75 was an Italian passenger and military transport aircraft of the 1930s and 1940s. It was a low-wing, trimotor monoplane of mixed metal and wood construction with a retractable tailwheel undercarriage.

The Butterfly That Flew Over the Sea


1948 film

The Butterfly That Flew Over the Sea is a 1948 Spanish film directed by Antonio de Obregón.

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Quotes for Flew:

  1. The next night I got on an airplane, and flew to New York and looked into acting schools. Four or five acting schools. One of which was the Neighborhood Playhouse, which I started at six months there after.
  2. A thousand woodpeckers flew in through the window and settled themselves on Pinocchio's nose.
  3. I flew back and forth and did episodes of Roseanne while I was at Yale.
  4. The Wright brothers flew right through the smoke screen of impossibility.
  5. As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky. So up to the house -top the coursers they flew, with the sleigh full of toys, and St. Nicholas too.

Rhymes for Flew:

  1. xu, clue, ju, hue, ku, hugh, qu, doo, do, phu, few, rew, brew, whew, skew, foo, who, cue, mew, prue, poo, tew, sioux, wu, grew, phew, pu, zhou, su, goo, lu, kew, stew, jew, hou, coo, true, shrew, ewe, trew, pooh, strew, que, chou, flu, shoo, boo, sue, vue, two, hoo, screw, thew, shew, jue, lieu, dru, blue, zue, slew, dew, pru, pou, vu, soo, flue, cou, xue, zoo, zhu, you, q, hewe, lou, moo, douwe, pew, loo, gue, pugh, koo, through, hsu, mu, woo, coups, yew, chiu, spew, yue, hu, yoo, lue, ooh, coup, gu, crew, beu, thuy, liu, view, u, siew, new, queue, du, stu, leu, shoe, hew, shu, bleu, ou, drew, kyu, glew, knew, lew, uwe, ru, too, glue, rue, tue, due, chu, yu, threw, crewe, joo, blew, thru, gnu, tu, nu, fu, chew;
  2. withdrew, leroux, undo, wahoo, subdue, tatu, canoe, miscue, m2, kazoo, abou, baku, mchugh, reto, larue, untrue, outgrew, cat-2, accrue, undue, taboo, ague, eschew, ragu, unglue, ensue, perdue, into, urdu, c2, ado, purdue, pursue, tattoo, redo, kwangju, zanu, shampoo, review, cebu, construe, revue, adieu, fondue, debut, fitzhugh, imbue, bamboo, babu, liou, peru, anew, askew, renew, outdo;
  3. overdue, kangaroo, iou, suu, timbuktu, byu, isu, overthrew, misconstrue, katmandu, overdo, depardieu, hitherto;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for Flew:

Afrikaans word for Flew


Arabic word for Flew


Bengali word for Flew


Chinese word for Flew


French word for Flew


German word for Flew


Greek word for Flew


Hindi word for Flew

उड़ान भरी.

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Turkish words for Flew

Bay, uçtu.

Ukrainian word for Flew