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How To Spell flirtation?

Correct spelling: flirtation

Definition of flirtation:

  1. The act of flirting.

List of misspellings for flirtation:

  • flucation,
  • fliftation,
  • flirtin,
  • flirgation,
  • flertations,
  • fruitation,
  • ildeation,
  • fruitition,
  • flirtstion,
  • allitartion,
  • vlirtation,
  • fermetation,
  • fli5tation,
  • flurition,
  • flirtatiouse,
  • valitation,
  • flirta6ion,
  • flirtwtion,
  • fustation,
  • fertilation,
  • flkrtation,
  • filtation,
  • levetation,
  • flidtation,
  • flirtztion,
  • fushtration,
  • flir6ation,
  • fli4tation,
  • flirtatkon,
  • leviatation,
  • fl9rtation,
  • politation,
  • flirtatoon,
  • flirfation,
  • fkirtation,
  • flortation,
  • tlirtation,
  • flittation,
  • fluchuation,
  • flir5ation,
  • filliation,
  • fl8rtation,
  • flirtatuon,
  • glirtation,
  • flirtatjon,
  • fliration,
  • aveluatation,
  • civilistation,
  • flirtafion,
  • fpirtation,
  • foirtation,
  • faltercation,
  • flurtation,
  • filration,
  • flactuation,
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  • flirtayion,
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  • nflammation,
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  • fluition,
  • flirtat9on,
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  • alertation,
  • clirtation,
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  • fluctation,
  • flirration,
  • fasilitation,
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  • furitation,
  • politition,
  • floodation,
  • facialtaataion,
  • dlirtation,
  • flirtagion,
  • flirtatios,
  • floation.

Related words for flirtation

Adolf Alexander Dillens


Adolf Alexander Dillens, a Belgian genre-painter, was born at Ghent in 1821, and received instruction from his elder brother Hendrik Dillens.

Fatty's Flirtation


1913 film

Fatty's Flirtation is a 1913 American short comedy film featuring Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle and Mabel Normand.

Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation


1913 film

Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation is a 1913 Swedish silent drama film directed by Victor Sjöström.

The Flirtation of Girls


1949 film

Ghazal Al Banat is a 1949 Egyptian film. It is Naguib Al Rihani's last film and was shown in cinemas after his death. Ghazal Al Banat was also the last appearance of Mohamed Abdel Wahab in film.

The Ghost Flower


1918 film

The Ghost Flower is a lost 1918 silent film drama directed by Frank Borzage and starring Alma Rubens.

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Quotes for flirtation:

  1. In his holy flirtation with the world, God occasionally drops a handkerchief. These handkerchiefs are called saints.
  2. When I was on the ice, in the lights, with the music and the motion, there was a certain kind of flirtation that gave great energy and expressiveness to my performance.

Rhymes for flirtation:

  1. irritation, civilization, investigation, culmination, decontamination, denunciation, declaration, constipation, modification, exploration, elation, commercialization, incorporation, replication, libration, eradication, marginalization, decoration, collaboration, documentation, automation, optimization, condemnation, gravitation, temptation, detonation, combination, origination, expiration, reaffiliation, fabrication, damnation, indoctrination, proliferation, monopolization, experimentation, foliation, fibrillation, granulation, procrastination, regeneration, emanation, migration, procreation, collectivization, multiplication, deregulation, consolation, saturation, gasification, conversation, depredation, sanctification, misinterpretation, observation, vindication, dalmatian, rectification, criminalization, appellation, affirmation, disinflation, exclamation, ordination, corp, preservation, quantification, formulation, degeneration, approximation, emancipation, optation, formation, fluctuation, insulation, dehumanization, ovulation, condensation, installation, information, expropriation, vegetation, cremation, globalization, mediation, recertification, simplification, miniaturization, socialization, intensification, sequestration, conciliation, provocation, affiliation, irrigation, creation, decentralization, ostentation, affectation, evocation, probation, inauguration, personification, improvisation, disorganization, obligation, alleviation, menstruation, federation, delegation, nonproliferation, incoordination, occupation, ramification, termination, salvation, premeditation, nationalization, habitation, application, hallucination, motivation, russification, inundation, dissertation, admiration, argumentation, intimation, clarification, glaciation, negation, reformation, evaluation, ventilation, expatriation, revaluation, legislation, amortization, prostration, insubordination, immigration, toleration, preparation, renovation, equivocation, nomination, vaporization, narration, dedication, diversification, inhabitation, miseration, conglomeration, regulation, disputation, exhumation, lubrication, pasteurization, syndication, intoxication, misidentification, determination, victimization, inclination, desecration, resuscitation, tabulation, molestation, indexation, mechanization, invitation, prefabrication, industrialization, securitization, infiltration, association, coagulation, justification, inspiration, augmentation, orientation, incrimination, compensation, appalachian, triangulation, proration, alienation, examination, figuration, commendation, distillation, codification, foundation, participation, reallocation, infatuation, dilatation, concentration, specification, altercation, rumination, edification, stipulation, escalation, immunization, inoculation, privatization, fixation, pacification, inflammation, rehabilitation, respiration, recrimination, enumeration, discrimination, agglomeration, amalgamation, dissemination, stabilization, nondiscrimination, graduation, adulation, integration, desegregation, reputation, mummification, exaggeration, prognostication, falsification, reclamation, gastrulation, obfuscation, suburbanization, explanation, excavation, implication, glorification, confiscation, hospitalization, revocation, identification, rotation, intonation, depopulation, sedation, humiliation, appreciation, desalination, deviation, gentrification, navigation, fascination, affrication, continuation, detoxification, decertification, recommendation, implantation, donation, exasperation, destabilization, importation, hybridization, lactation, consummation, mineralization, misrepresentation, solicitation, unification, nullification, amputation, indignation, renomination, situation, indemnification, disembarkation, connotation, explication, demobilization, consecration, vulgarization, annihilation, dissipation, utilization, calibration, evaporation, reevaluation, exhilaration, communization, differentiation, assassination, rationalization, hyperinflation, reparation, relaxation, concatenation, subluxation, horatian, ligation, liberation, gratification, renunciation, sanitation, sophistication, manifestation, education, instrumentation, malformation, deprivation, pollination, sterilization, recitation, allegation, maturation, reclassification, telecommunication, celebration, magnification, conservation, medication, cancellation, operation, balkanization, agitation, incantation, relocation, categorization, stimulation, qualification, consideration, corporation, sedimentation, litigation, ratification, segregation, deification, computerization, derivation, restoration, croatian, punctuation, remediation, repudiation, ionization, inflation, recalculation, publication, bifurcation, colonization, refrigeration, duration, refutation, indentation, invocation, innovation, vacillation, equitation, deformation, confrontation, reconsideration, fortification, mutilation, reconciliation, misinformation, intimidation, elevation, propagation, disintegration, sensation, miscalculation, limitation, hydrogenation, divination, separation, desiccation, reunification, pontification, permutation, fluoridation, magnetization, location, titillation, expectation, fertilization, assimilation, reinterpretation, verification, excommunication, mutation, taxation, urbanization, deliberation, transillumination, negotiation, stagflation, exoneration, radiation, violation, preoccupation, pressurization, inhalation, deforestation, sarmatian, generation, speculation, popularization, organisation, excitation, reconfirmation, polarization, compilation, congratulation, reexamination, emulation, ossification, fumigation, desperation, capitulation, standardization, quotation, indication, aspiration, hydration, cultivation, privation, complication, confederation, overvaluation, pigmentation, incubation, flotation, depreciation, gradation, normalization, naturalization, repatriation, population, gestation, misappropriation, perforation, hibernation, avocation, reverberation, confirmation, relation, imitation, summation, confabulation, exacerbation, masturbation, trepidation, miscreation, communication, rejuvenation, organization, disorientation, filtration, electrification, alteration, tribulation, hesitation, usurpation, oscillation, segmentation, calculation, subordination, resignation, ovation, inactivation, exfoliation, reauthorization, stalinization, gyration, congregation, impregnation, destination, mobilization, conjugation, defamation, depravation, instigation, crustacean, rehydration, meditation, anticipation, manipulation, recantation, regimentation, extermination, presentation, undervaluation, reflation, consolidation, demonstration, proclamation, degradation, duplication, characterization, initiation, demarcation, contemplation, moderation, cooperation, dramatization, aggravation, recreation, exploitation, frustration, transplantation, rededication, demoralization, liberalization, neutralization, notification, reiteration, incrustation, coloration, redecoration, echolocation, starvation, advocation, dislocation, modulation, translation, incarnation, revelation, exhalation, maximization, levitation, allocation, ministration, perspiration, transformation, imputation, mitigation, retaliation, approbation, amplification, extrapolation, registration, oration, centralization, nitration, valuation, christianization, pronunciation, variation, convocation, profanation, germination, democratization, fragmentation, consultation, emigration, legalization, harmonization, reforestation, recuperation, aviation, reservation, impersonation, jubilation, imagination, reinvigoration, nucleation, stagnation, evacuation, revitalization, conflagration, misapplication, palpitation, transportation, cogitation, vacation, arbitration, desolation, perturbation, infestation, demonization, subsidization, politicization, liquidation, elongation, oxidation, constellation, disinformation, deportation, representation, irradiation, accumulation, exhortation, coordination, laceration, remuneration, invalidation, unionization, protestation, reincarnation, illustration, ornamentation, implementation, delineation, cohabitation, configuration, vaccination, perpetuation, localization, denomination, modernization, devaluation, specialization, illumination, incarceration, decapitation, annotation, notation, dilation, predestination, retardation, renegotiation, correlation, backwardation, contamination, fermentation, purification, coronation, classification, insinuation, elaboration, simulation, adaptation, computation, self-congratulation, discoloration, denationalization, equalization, annexation, interrogation, reconfiguration, vocation, amelioration, visitation, miscommunication, ejaculation, reaffirmation, authorization, adoration, suffocation, devastation, desalinization, precipitation, reorganization, saponification, westernization, vibration, dissociation, strangulation, consternation, realization, estimation, interpretation, plantation, dispensation, domestication, disqualification, generalization, animation, isolation, disinclination, pagination, vilification, discontinuation, visualization, elimination, designation, personalization, substantiation, commemoration, facilitation, insemination, privatisation, adjudication, incapacitation, dehydration, certification, orchestration, corroboration, dictation, embarkation, deceleration, validation, machination, appropriation, authentication, overpopulation, deflation, articulation, demodulation, domination;
  2. station, haitian, ration, nation;
  3. castration, causation, cessation, alsatian, cetacean, carnation, citation;
  4. abrogation, aberration, accusation, activation, acclimation, abdication;
  5. abbreviation, abomination, accreditation, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. cannibalization, acidification, capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization, decriminalization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for flirtation:

Afrikaans word for Flirtation


Bengali word for Flirtation


Chinese word for Flirtation


French words for Flirtation

flirt, flirtation.

Hindi word for Flirtation


Javanese word for Flirtation


Korean word for Flirtation


Malay word for Flirtation

permainan mata.

Portuguese word for Flirtation


Spanish word for Flirtation


Tamil word for Flirtation


Vietnamese word for Flirtation

sự ve vản.