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How To Spell flow?

Correct spelling: flow

What are the misspellings for flow ?

  • lfow,
  • elow,
  • follwo,
  • fornow,
  • flos,
  • faloww,
  • dlow,
  • forllow,
  • aloow,
  • fowar,
  • fflow,
  • flowly,
  • glowy,
  • flone,
  • follr,
  • follwe,
  • falue,
  • tofollow,
  • fulyy,
  • flouer,
  • fallwo,
  • folllw,
  • fellw,
  • flooor,
  • fiyou,
  • flo,
  • folloew,
  • fluw,
  • fwew,
  • beflow,
  • felll,
  • fow,
  • flewn,
  • filll,
  • flopy,
  • cfoollw,
  • feelo,
  • follopw,
  • floo,
  • flowd,
  • ouflow,
  • flork,
  • felloe,
  • clow,
  • follw,
  • falloew,
  • flaour,
  • failior,
  • falll,
  • falows,
  • felloow,
  • falowd,
  • lfoor,
  • folia,
  • furlogh,
  • floww,
  • silow,
  • flow,
  • follolw,
  • helow,
  • gloww,
  • flawd,
  • flor,
  • foollow,
  • ffom,
  • floof,
  • foollw,
  • failor,
  • nelow,
  • flw,
  • flooer,
  • folow,
  • fopllow,
  • fellor,
  • flooe,
  • fowlow,
  • fulll,
  • flwo,
  • flou,
  • fullow,
  • hlow,
  • fuloly,
  • ollow,
  • folows,
  • folliow,
  • feloow,
  • follo9w,
  • alow,
  • foolwo,
  • foolw,
  • followw,
  • flodia,
  • fellwo,
  • holow,
  • flok,
  • falow,
  • felloew,
  • afollow,
  • fvor,
  • fllod.

What does the abbreviation flow mean?

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What are the quotes for flow?

  1. Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change- this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over -confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress.
  2. Our greatest evils flow from ourselves.
  3. See that the President, the Cabinet and staff are informed. If cut out of the information flow, their decisions may be poor, not made, or not confidently or persuasively implemented.
  4. The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.
  5. It is my fondest wish that the gift of song that God has given me will flow from my soul to yours and help ease any burden that might weigh upon you.

What are the rhymes for flow?

  1. row, doh, plateau, poh, sew, plough, ngo, tallyho, escrow, rideau, throw, doe, rho, though, chau, nau, boe, bio, loew, goh, loe, loewe, coe, stowe, tow, truffaut, loh, koh, bro, gau, defoe, au, outgrow, low, noe, owe, floe, gro, below, stow, cabo, tarot, renaud, poe, beau, zoh, so, co, tyo, marceau, roe, so-so, thoreau, giraud, bestow, gloe, mo, yoh, eau, moe, toe, pro, mau, tho, nouveau, kyo, beaux, wo, ko, lo, yau, hoe, glo, cho, uno, flo, bo, snow, margaux, crow, ow, forgo, kayo, rouleau, undergo, sloe, cloe, yo, forego, escoe, mow, inco, chateau, glow, chateaux, devaux, sow, oh, aux, yoe, vo, strow, turbot, blow, joh, quo, lowe, thibault, jo, noh, ho, papo, monroe, foe, trow, bowe, dough, sgro, o', bordeaux, gogh, rondeau, rowe, grow, whoa, goe, hoh, dau, luo, woe, slow, roh, tableaux, peugeot, go, joe, hello, perot, bow, show, cro, cousteau, tableau, tso, kowtow, know, munro, ro, fro;
  2. miro, renault, ago, pernod, although, arnaud, arnault, aglow;
  3. imo, eeo, apropos, taekwondo, overflow, ivo;
  4. celo;

What are the translations for flow?

Afrikaans word for Flow


Arabic word for Flow


Chinese words for Flow

流量, 流向, 流淌, 洋溢, (话语)流利.

Dutch words for Flow

stroom, stroming, doorstroming, vloeien, toevoer, uitstroom, circulatie.

French words for Flow

passer, couler, courant, flux, débit, circulation, s'écouler, circuler, flotter, flot, procéder, ruissellement.

German words for Flow

Strom, Lauf, Ablauf, Verlauf, Laufen, strömen, Abfluss, Durchfluss, Bewegung, Fluss, Vorlauf, Passage, Flut, wallen, Zustrom, münden, rinnen.

Greek word for Flow


Italian word for Flow


Korean word for Flow


Malay word for Flow


Norwegian word for Flow


Polish words for Flow

przepływ, przebieg, popłynąć.

Portuguese words for Flow

corrente, fluxo, vazão, circulação, escoamento, movimento, passagem, escorrer, fluência, escoar, derramar-se.

Romanian word for Flow

a curge.

Russian words for Flow

течь, протекать, литься.

Spanish words for Flow

salir, corriente, curso, subida, flujo, torrente, chorro, fluir, correr, circular, caudal, movimiento, abundar, desbordamiento, afluencia, fluidez, discurrir, afluir, manar.

Swedish word for Flow


Ukrainian word for Flow