How To Spell follow?

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What are the usage examples for follow?

  1. I'm sure I could find no better person to follow than Dr. Morgan.

What are the rhymes for follow?

  1. swallow, wallow, margalo;
  2. rollo, calo, dalo, hollow;
  3. apollo, gonzalo;

What are the translations for follow?

Afrikaans word for Follow


Arabic word for Follow


Bengali word for Follow

অনুসরণ করা.

Chinese word for Follow


Dutch words for Follow

volgen, begrijpen, snappen, naleven, najagen, opvolgen, achter aan gaan, achterna gaan, navolgen.

French words for Follow

longer, suivre, adopter, pratiquer, poursuivre, appliquer, respecter, faire suite à, accompagner, donner suite à, prendre la suite de.

German words for Follow

beachten, Folgen, nachkommen, Begleiten, erfolgen, verfolgen, befolgen, sich anschließen, nachziehen, nachfolgen, mitverfolgen, beherzigen, mitdenken, hinterhergehen.

Greek word for Follow


Hindi word for Follow

का पालन करें.

Italian word for Follow


Japanese words for Follow

従う, 受ける, 追随, 倣う, 乗る, したがう, なぞる, 付く, まもる, びこう, 付いてゆく, ぐする, 後を尾ける, あとをつける, 伝う, 慣らう, じゅんじる, 附ける, ほうじる, 奉じる, 傚う, 請ける, のる, 付いて行ける, 付き随う, 付いて来る, つけまわす, フォロウ, つきしたがう, 聞き取る, 跡をつける, 付き従う, 奉ずる, 付従う, つたう, ききとる, ならう, ついてゆく, 從う, ・・・について行く.

Javanese word for Follow


Korean word for Follow

...에 잇따르다.

Malay word for Follow


Marathi word for Follow

अनुसरण करा.

Norwegian word for Follow

følge (etter).

Polish word for Follow


Portuguese words for Follow

acompanhar, cumprir, prosseguir, compreender, percorrer, ir atrás de.

Romanian word for Follow

a urma.

Spanish words for Follow

proseguir, cumplir, seguir, observar, emprender, aplicar, perseguir, recorrer, adoptar, entender, obedecer, deducirse, resultar, ejercer, derivar, dedicarse, ir detrás de, continuar por, venir a continuación.

Turkish word for Follow

takip et.

Ukrainian word for Follow

іти за.