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How To Spell following?

Correct spelling: following

Definition of following:

  1. immediately following in time or order; "the following day"; "next in line"; "the next president"; "the next item on the list"

List of misspellings for following:

  • follwing,
  • followering,
  • follwoings,
  • hellowing,
  • alloweing,
  • followoing,
  • followibng,
  • fillowing,
  • folwing,
  • followied,
  • followingg,
  • fiollowing,
  • floiwing,
  • willowing,
  • followikng,
  • allwoing,
  • flowin,
  • follolwing,
  • followlng,
  • followingn,
  • falowing,
  • forllowing,
  • aloowing,
  • flwoing,
  • folloowing,
  • follwowing,
  • folloing,
  • followinf,
  • fellowing,
  • fdllowing,
  • followinng,
  • folloiwng,
  • fopllowing,
  • folloeing,
  • followiung,
  • followind,
  • allowiing,
  • followingorder,
  • followong,
  • followwing,
  • followign,
  • follownig,
  • folloiwing,
  • follwoign,
  • folllwing,
  • followon,
  • followiong,
  • followinging,
  • folllowing,
  • followiing,
  • folooring,
  • llowing,
  • follwiong,
  • fallwoing,
  • followimg,
  • follwiing,
  • follwong,
  • folliowing,
  • foollowing,
  • fololowing,
  • floorwing,
  • foll0wing,
  • folwoing,
  • gfollowing,
  • foillowing,
  • follloing,
  • foloing,
  • sllowing,
  • alllowing,
  • folowwing,
  • ofllowing,
  • foliowing,
  • followin,
  • foloving,
  • foowing,
  • followuing,
  • fullswing,
  • fowllowing,
  • follding,
  • folloguing,
  • followig,
  • fowlloing,
  • flollowing,
  • foolwing,
  • follwoing,
  • followng,
  • folloring,
  • fololwing,
  • falloing,
  • followingly,
  • allowong,
  • followying,
  • folowing,
  • cashflowing,
  • thefollowing,
  • fllowing,
  • followinig,
  • followning,
  • folloewing,
  • wollowing.

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Rhymes for following:

  1. hollowing, wallowing, swallowing;

Translations for following:

Arabic word for Following


Chinese words for Following

NA, 下列, 下面, 追随者, 下列的.

Czech word for Following


Dutch words for Following

volgende, volgend, onderstaand.

French words for Following

suivant, à la suite de, prochain, successives, subséquentes, présenté.

German words for Following

nach, folgend, darauffolgend, Gefolge, Gefolgschaft, im Anschluss an, in Anlehnung an, befolgend, verfolgend, unten stehend, hervorgehend, sich ergebend.

Hindi word for Following


Italian word for Following


Japanese words for Following

後続, 左記, 追尾, に影響されて, 後出, 遵奉, こうぞく, ついび, じゅんぽう, にえいきょうされて, 順奉, こうしゅつ, 襲用, 以下の.

Javanese word for Following

Ngisor iki.

Korean word for Following


Malay word for Following


Marathi word for Following


Norwegian word for Following


Polish words for Following

w skutek, następujący.

Portuguese words for Following

seguinte, próximo, resultante, decorrentes, posteriores, subsequente, subseqüentes, conseguinte.

Spanish words for Following

tras, posterior, siguiente, en pos de.

Swedish word for Following


Tamil word for Following


Turkish word for Following

takip etme.