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How To Spell foot?

Correct spelling: foot

Definition of foot:

  1. pay for something; "pick up the tab"; "pick up the burden of high-interest mortgages"

List of misspellings for foot:

  • fuirt,
  • frort,
  • focu,
  • fort,
  • 20feet,
  • foofd,
  • foour,
  • forfit,
  • folty,
  • sefood,
  • famout,
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What does the abbreviation foot mean?

Related words for foot

Boothill Foot Tappers



The Boothill Foot Tappers were a British folk/skiffle/bluegrass band, that was formed in the early 1980s and associated with the folk music revival in the United Kingdom.

Foot Lake


Lake in Minnesota

Foot Lake is a lake in Kandiyohi County, in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Foot Lake was named for Solomon R. Foot, a pioneer settler.



Fuk'anggan, courtesy name Yaolin, was a Manchu noble and general of the Qing Dynasty. He was from the Fuca clan and the Bordered Yellow Banner of the Eight Banners.

Little Foot


Fossil specimen

"Little Foot" is the nickname given to a nearly complete Australopithecus fossil skeleton found in 1994–1998 in the cave system of Sterkfontein, South Africa. The nickname "little foot" was given to the fossil in 1995.



Village in England

Luddendenfoot or Luddenden Foot is a community in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England. The population of this Calderdale Ward at the 2011 Census was 10,653.

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Quotes for foot:

  1. Dancing is the poetry of the foot.
  2. I did a twenty foot print and John Cage is involved in that because he was the only person I knew in New York who had a car and who would be willing to do this.
  3. I had only played five games in my senior year in high school. I was not large enough. Hell, when I graduated, I was about five foot four and weighed 120 pounds. I didn't go with the Dodgers until spring training of 1940 and I weighed all of 155 pounds soaking wet.
  4. I love men who know when to put their foot down and when not to.
  5. My first day in Chicago, September 4, 1983. I set foot in this city, and just walking down the street, it was like roots, like the motherland. I knew I belonged here.

Rhymes for foot:

  1. put, soot, foote;
  2. afoot;
  3. underfoot;

Translations for foot:

Afrikaans word for Foot


Arabic word for Foot


Chinese words for Foot

足, 脚踏, 足部, 唇, 步兵, 跂.

Dutch words for Foot

uiteinde, poot.

French words for Foot

pied, patte, pédestre.

German words for Foot

Basis, Base, Bein, Tritt, Haxe, Fußende, Fußpunkt, Standvorrichtung, Versfuß.

Greek word for Foot


Italian word for Foot


Javanese word for Foot


Malay word for Foot


Polish word for Foot


Portuguese word for Foot


Romanian word for Foot


Russian words for Foot

подножие, стопа, ступня.

Spanish words for Foot

pie, pisar, caminar, pata, basa.

Swedish word for Foot


Turkish word for Foot